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Fall Herbicide Crop ApplicationA fall herbicide application is some of the smartest money you'll spend on weed control all year.

Once the crop canopy is removed, winter annuals and biennials soak up moisture and the last rays of sun before winter. In that window before freezing, some winter annuals are able to produce thousands of seeds. If you let the plants go to seed you'll be fighting those weeds for years to come.

Perennial weeds use that post-harvest period to move nutrients into their root systems. Use this natural flow to your advantage by using a systemic fall herbicide.  This will help to greatly reduce weed biomass which will result in the conservation of soil moisture and nutrients.

Learn about our fall herbicides for post-harvest and burnoff weed control to get a head start on spring.

Your Fall Herbicide Line-up

Fall Herbicides - Aim ECControl weeds and dry-down plant material to make harvest faster and easier by adding Aim® EC herbicide to your pre-harvest application. Now also registered for post-harvest application.



Fall Herbicides - Express SG LogoEnhance the activity of glyphosate on tough biennial and perennial weeds and keep your re-cropping options open for next spring with Express® SG herbicide.



Fall Herbicides - Express PRO LogoUse Express® PRO to get a head start on spring with up to 15 days of powerful systemic action that's even more effective when applied in the fall.




Fall Herbicides - Express FX LogoGet comprehensive weed control for cereal crops and excellent resistance management with 3 modes of action when adding Express® FX herbicide to glyphosate.




Fall Herbicides - Focus Logo

Focus® herbicide has a unique mode of action combination that, when applied post-harvest, provides fall burnoff of emerged labeled weeds, PLUS extended activity on key grassy and broadleaf weeds such as kochia, lamb’s-quarters, wild mustard, stinkweed and wild oats in the spring. 




Intruvix fall herbicide


Intruvix™ herbicide is fast… and it lasts. It brings the only four mode-of-action (after adding glyphosate) burndown, to fight resistance and control over 30 of the toughest broadleaf weeds.



Fall Herbicides - PrecisionPac LogoGet weed control customized to your cropping plans, weed spectrum and field size with PrecisionPac® herbicides. Dispensed in a convenient, pre-measured bag for your exact weed profile and field size or sprayer tank capacity, so you buy only the amount you need with no leftovers to store.

FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields

Community Support Fall Program

When you choose an FMC fall herbicide your community wins too.

FMC will donate 10 cents* to community-based organizations, chosen in your area by your local retailer, for every acre of our fall-labelled herbicides sold between July 15 and October 31, 2022, and 30 cents* per acre for Intruvix herbicide.

Participating products:

  • Aim EC herbicide
  • Any of the Express brand herbicides
  • Focus herbicide
  • Intruvix herbicide
  • Any PrecisionPac® fall herbicide



*Terms and Conditions Apply

Get a head start on your spring season with Fall Herbicides