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clean fields community yields
Fall Herbicides

FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields Fall Grower Program


Community Support ProgramA ripple is becoming a wave.

Two years ago, we jumped in to help. Little did we know how big a splash we’d make.

FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields was launched to help community organizations in small towns across western Canada survive COVID lockdowns. We wanted to give back to communities like yours, places where we also live and work.

To pinpoint local organizations doing great work we turned to people who know communities across the Prairies well… our local ag retail partners. They hear the stories and see the need all around them every day.

In 2020, retailers chose local organization that would receive a donation for every acre of FMC fall herbicide used. Producers like you chose the right FMC herbicide for their situation and we donated for every acre of FMC fall herbicide purchased. Together, we gave 31 organizations a total of $77,000. Thanks to you, volunteer firehalls, playgrounds, and yes… water parks… stayed afloat through COVID lockdowns.

It gets better.

Last year, even more retailers and producers joined the team. In total, 286 retailers across western Canada helped us donate $160,000 to 72 local projects. Air ambulances, community halls and 4-H clubs were some of the many organizations that got a boost.

We’re not done yet.

 “STARS is a critical part of the first-responder infrastructure in rural Saskatchewan. We were thrilled to partner with FMC and see the money from FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields go to keeping the air ambulances flying.”

 -Doug Gilchrist, manager
Luseland branch of Nutrien Ag Solutions

This year the problems are different but the pressure remains. Fuel prices are hitting air ambulance organizations hard. Food inflation is hurting rural food banks. Everyone feels the pinch.

Your community needs help. Thanks to retailers and producers like you, we know just what to do.

Purchase an FMC fall herbicide between July 15 and October 31, 2022, and we’ll send a portion of the proceeds to an organization chosen by your retailer. We can’t wait to hear the stories of the impact we’re all going to make.


GRowers, GIVE BACK with FMC Fall herbicides

Applying a fall herbicide is excellent agronomics. The FMC Clean Fields Community Yields program makes choosing an FMC fall herbicide an even better choice. You get clean fields and your community yields.

Purchase the following FMC fall herbicides and we will donate 10 cents an acre to a charity of your retailer’s choice based on the total number of acres of FMC fall herbicides sprayed.

  • Aim® EC herbicide, a convenient, fast-acting harvest aid
  • Express®  FX herbicide brings three modes of action for resistance management, when applied with glyphosate
  • Express®  Pro herbicide delivers up to 15 days of extended control of key weeds
  • Express®  SG herbicide has maximum rotational flexibility
  • Focus® herbicide has a unique mode of action combination that, when applied post-harvest, provides fall burnoff of emerged weeds, PLUS extended activity of key grassy and broadleaf weeds such as kochia, lamb’s-quarters, wild mustard, stinkweed and wild oats in the spring. 
  • Intruvix™ herbicide gives your burnoff the right combination of performance and resistance management when added to glyphosate for contact and systemic control of the toughest broadleaf weeds before cereals.
  • PrecisionPac® herbicides provide tough weed control solutions to prevent establishment of hard-to-control weeds.

BONUS: Use Intruvix herbicide and we’ll triple our donation, 30 cents per acre for every acre of Intruvix herbicide used.


Retailers, Support a Charity

Contact your local FMC territory manager for your FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields kit to get the ball rolling.

We love the Clean Fields, Community Yields grassroots model. Covid introduced a lot of new complications and protocols and this donation helped us maintain our service through the summer.” 

- Paul Carolan, CEO of HALO Air Ambulance

Halo Emergency Helicopter Program


2022 FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields Terms & Conditions


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