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clean fields community yields
Fall Herbicides

Clean Fields, Community Yields


Clean fields this fall can give you a head start on weed control next spring.  And this fall it doesn’t end there.

Once your sprayer is put away we’ll deliver something else – a cheque to your community!  For every acre of FMC fall-labelled herbicides you spray we will donate 10 cents per acre to an organization that serves your local community.

Covid hit our communities hard.  Ask your retailer if they are participating and which local organization they’ve chosen to support.  Every acre you spray boosts the total we donate.  The money raised in your area stays there.


Choosing an FMC fall herbicide is one of the most effective weed-control passes you can do.  It’s good agronomics, smart business and now good for your community too.

We have you covered with one of our stellar fall burnoff herbicides:

And NEW this fall for the 2020 burnoff…

  • Focus® herbicide for control of emerged wild mustard and stinkweed, with added early season control of wild oats in a combination with a unique mode of action


  1. Local FMC account managers will work with participating retailers and choose the community-based organization to support
  2. Purchases of fall-labelled herbicides made at the retailers between July 15 and October 31, 2020 will increase the size of the donation
  3. FMC will donate $0.10 per acre on all fall-labeled products sold once the retailer reaches a minimum of 5,000 acres sold
  4. FMC will send a cheque directly to the chosen organization once sales are reconciled.

Click here to view complete terms and conditions.

This isn’t the only way we’re giving back.  But this one’s special because we’re doing it together.  And together we’re stronger.


decide which organization receives A $5,000 bonus

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2020 Clean Fields, Community Yields Terms & Conditions


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