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Group 14 , 15

Focus® herbicide / West / Fall

Focus® herbicide may be applied with or without glyphosate in the fall to control emerged winter annuals such as kochia, lamb's quarters, stinkweed and wild mustard. A fall application of Focus herbicide will also provide extended activity on kochia, wild oats, foxtail barley, wild mustard, wild buckwheat, and cleavers. Dual Group 14 and 15 modes of action provide a wide spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weed control and act as an a strong resistance management tool.

Quick Facts

  • A unique combination of actives in one product providing comprehensive broadleaf and grassy weed control
  • Concentrated liquid formulation 
  • Multiple modes of action for resistance management.

Labels And SDS

4 Labels Available
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Product Overview

Plan for a clean start next season by applying Focus herbicide in the fall to get control of emerged weeds like kochia, lamb's quarters, stinkweed, wild mustard and extended activity on kochia, wild oats, foxtail barley, wild mustard, wild buckwheat, and cleavers. 

Focus herbicide provides extended control of a broad range of grassy and broadleaf weeds, helping create a weed-free period for your crop to thrive at a critical point in the growing season. The early-season weed control also gives you more time to complete your in-crop applications in other crops so you can focus on keeping your lentils, wheat, soybean and field corn weed-free next spring.

Plus, Focus herbicide doesn’t bind to crop residues on the soil surface and can be tank-mixed with glyphosate for faster burnoff of emerged weeds. By combining modes of action from Groups 14 and 15, Focus herbicide gives growers an effective way to control weeds resistant to other modes of action, and also avoid the buildup of future weed resistance.


Full crop listing

  • Corn (Field)
  • Soybeans
  • Spring Wheat
  • Winter Wheat
  • Lentils
  • Field Peas
  • Sunflower


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Registered and Supported Tank Mixes:
Focus herbicide can be mixed with one or more herbicide products, provided that the tank-mix product labels do not prohibit such mixing. Follow the most restrictive label for all products used.

Rates and Packaging: 4 x 4.5 L jugs per case. Each 4.5 L jug treats 33 acres / jug at

136 mL/ac (336 mL/ha), 40 acres / jug at 113 mL/ac (280 mL/ha)  of 50 acres/jug at 90 mL/ac (224 mL/ha).

No incorporation required – just spray on the soil and go


Surfactant: Not needed when mixed with glyphosate.

Water Volume: 10 gal/ac (100 L/ha)

Rainfastness: N/A

Crop rotation:

Rotational Crop

Replant Interval (Months)


Corn (field), lentils, soybeans, wheat (spring and winter, excluding durum)

12 months

Chickpeas, field peas, flax, safflower, sunflower, barley, canola, mustard, oats, durum wheat

24 months

Sugar beets



Trial Data

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focus lentils
focus comparison 2

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