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FMC Gives

We protect crops so Canadian producers can grow food that feeds the world. That’s our passion and our mission. 

Most often you see us scouting for pests in the field, presenting research, or connecting at an event. But in our downtime, you’ll catch us lacing up our skates to hit the ice as a coach, lifting a box at a foodbank, or crossing the finish line in a fundraising run. 

We’re not just passionate about helping farmers grow high-yielding, healthy crops —we’re passionate about growing communities, too. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we roll up our sleeves and give back to the communities where we live. 

Our favourite charities are those that are making an impact locally – either in the agriculture industry or in the cities, towns and villages where we live.  

We rely on our FMC team and our retail and farmer partners to show us which organizations are doing the best work. Over the past year we’ve supported everything from local rink renovations to community waterpark building projects to funding crucial air ambulance services in Western Canada. 

Here are some of the highlights. 

$25,000 Partner Sponsor of CASA BeGrainSafe

CASA Be Grain Safe Trailer
BEGRAINSAFE Mobile Training Unit

A silo full of grain can be dangerous, trapping someone who falls in. Thanks in part to funding from FMC Canada, more first responders and farmers who get an urgent call for help will know how to save a life. 

This is the fourth year that FMC is a major sponsor of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s BeGrainSafe mobile training and demonstration unit. The unit travels throughout Canada to rural communities. CASA staff use it to carry out prevention education and grain rescue training for firefighters and producers. This year we’ve gone beyond our regular funding to help CASA build awareness of the mobile training unit and their online and virtual training sessions.  

We talk a lot about safety at FMC. Our most important goal each day is that everyone gets home safe. Working with CASA on this important program is a natural fit. 

For more information about the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s BeGrainSafe program, visit

On November 4, 2019, a 14-year-old girl in Southwestern Ontario fell into a gravity wagon filling with corn. She was trapped and sinking. By the time the fire department arrived the girl was mostly under.  

One of the local firefighters had just attended CASA’s BeGrainSafe Firefighter Grain Rescue Training Course. By the end of the rescue there were 24 firefighters working quickly but in a coordinated way to free the girl.  

$10,000 Seed Money for CASA On-Farm Agricultural Worker Safety Training Pilot Project

The Ag Worker Safety Training program focuses on training farm supervisors who in turn will train agricultural workers in on-farm safety. This program empowers farm owners and supervisors to customize a safety training program that best suits their operation, their workers, and the hazards that they come across as they perform farming tasks. 

In 2023, the pilot program had: 

  • 12 farm owners sign up for the pilot project 

  • 7 farms complete the train-the-trainer course 

  • 6 farms complete the supervisor course 

  • 3 farms complete the post-pilot survey 

  • 5 CASA partners (provincial health and safety organizations, national partners) complete and provide feedback on the course 

After completing the course, one farmer rated themselves as “very comfortable” in training employees/ workers. Another said that they learned strategies to overcome language and literacy barriers. 

FMC DoubleDown Program raises almost $65,000 for local communities

At FMC, we have a big heart for the communities where we work – the neighbourhoods, cities and small towns we call home. From donations to blood banks and food banks, acts of kindness shown with shoveled driveways, house sitting, homemade gifts – even the donation of a kidney – we are proud to show how much we care about our communities. 

Each year, FMC matches donations made by employees to local charities of their choice. Over the last two years, the FMC DoubleDown program has raised close to $65,000 and this year we are aiming for total donation of $100,000!  

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an important organization with chapters in towns and cities across Canada. Some kids don’t have the best home situations. They’re stuck there, especially with all the isolation that COVID-19 lockdowns caused over the past years. It’s important for them to have someone to talk to and confide in. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides that safe community. 

“I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity of people at FMC,” says Theresa Geil, an FMC teammate who enters an annual fundraising event for her local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. “Last year I was the top fundraiser in Guelph and that’s due in large part to my team at FMC. Even people out West who aren’t connected to the city of Guelph have donated.” 

Pass the Can

This isn’t the first time we’ve matched donations made by our team. In spring 2020, our teammates donated their own money to local foodbanks in an initiative we called “Pass the Can.” FMC matched. Over $20,000 was donated. 

FMC Clean Fields Community Yields

Since 2020, we’ve donated to 100 community projects across Western Canada. Pools, libraries, 4-H clubs… and STARS… have shared over $300,000 in donations to projects chosen by local retailers. 

FMC Clean Fields Community Yields is a team effort involving over 200 agriculture retailers and thousands of farmers. In the fall, our retailer partners choose a local organization they want to support. Like us, they have deep roots in their communities, and they know who needs help. We donate money to the organization chosen by each retailer, based on the number of acres of eligible FMC fall herbicides sold. 

Learn more about the FMC Clean Fields Community Yields program here.


“On behalf of everyone at STARS, and the patients who need our help, thank you for this generous gift. We count on donations throughout the year to fund our critical care operations and now, during this pandemic, it’s no different.”  

--- Andrea Robertson, president and CEO of STARS air ambulance 

The Do More Agriculture Foundation

In agriculture, there can be a tendency to think we need to be invincible. But we know we’re not.  

The Do More Agriculture Foundation is a not-for-profit organization focusing on mental health in agriculture across Canada. They have educated over 1,000 producers in 60 communities and certified almost 500 individuals in mental health first aid. They know that the key to good mental health is to “Talk more. Ask more. And listen more.” 

We provide donations to this foundation and pitch in with fundraising initiatives that support this much-needed program. We are an official annual Champion Sponsor at $5,000. At Christmas, we provide $2,500 to the program in lieu of customer gifts.   

We also participate in fundraising activities when our agriculture partners call on us.   

Learn more at

Do More Ag

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