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PrecisionPac® Application Innovation / Fall

The revolutionary PrecisionPac® application innovation system includes 5 custom herbicide blends to uniquely target your fields’ fall weed challenges. The flexibility of PrecisionPac® herbicides gives you the power to fully customize your weed control to get the exact amounts you need for your fields, with no waste. Choose PrecisionPac® blends for burnoff weed control, or to focus on resistant broadleaf weed management.

Quick Facts

  • Simply packaged, low-volume granular herbicides are dispensed into bags labeled with each field name or number. 
  • For fall application there are 5 formulated blends to target specific weed control needs: DB-878, NC-00439, NC-0050, CF, SZ-75 (details below).
  • Supports accurate application by providing custom herbicide blends at exact prescribed rates and ratios.
  • Simplifies sprayer clean-out since many of the custom blends are formulated with patented Solumax® soluble granules that dissolve into solution.
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Product Overview

Technology plays a growing role in successful farming. Whether it’s unique application systems that protect your input investments or custom herbicide formulations that limit waste, FMC is innovating precision platforms that offer growers exactly what they need to succeed today and tomorrow.

The revolutionary PrecisionPac® application innovation gives retail agronomists the opportunity to create custom herbicide blends specific to each grower, their crop and field. Each blend is as unique as the agronomic needs of the acre on which it will be applied.

The PrecisionPac® machine pre-measures and mixes custom blends so you don’t have to, and it fits your field or sprayer-tank size. You buy only what you need in a convenient, disposable bag so there’s nothing left over when the job is done. Getting exactly the right blend in exactly the right amount minimizes waste and maximizes control.


Full crop listing

  • Cereals


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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PrecisionPac Blends

Fall Application Timing

Leading performance on the toughest resistant broadleaf weeds, including Group 2 & 9 kochia. 3 active ingredients working on your broadleaf for maximum control and effective resistance management.

Label EN FR

DB-878 PRO
Get trusted kochia and wild buckwheat control without sacrificing extended control on cleavers, dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, or volunteer canola. 

Professional burnoff weed control with control of flushing weeds.

Label EN | FR

Excellent burndown weed control with maximum cropping flexibility.

Label EN | FR

A flexible tank-mix partner for enhanced burnoff.

Extended activity on kochia and Russian thistle.


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