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Think of the evolution of the soybean crop over the past 30 years. Research and innovation have driven higher yielding genetics that are protected by increasingly sophisticated crop protection tools. However, a changing weed spectrum, new insects, and intensifying disease pressure means that high yields and top-quality grades are never guaranteed.

Let our team of crop scientists sift through the latest research so you can keep your investment safe. Our sole mission is to protect your crop whether it's herbicide-tolerant or IP soybeans. We're testing new products, crunching data, and analyzing on-farm, real-world experience from producers to fine-tune recommendations so that your soybeans reach their full yield potential.

Explore the articles below and please contact us if you have any more questions about protecting your soybeans or maximizing your crop's potential. The FMC AgHotline is always open at 1-833-362-7722, or


Soybean weed free

Soybeans: Keep ’em weed free until V3

Keep soybean fields weed free until V3 to protect yield and improve in-crop weed control. Then, if needed, use an in-crop application to control weed escapes and late emerging weeds.  


Waterhemp: Herbicide resistance in Eastern Canada

Though there are populations of waterhemp with Group 14 resistance, Group 14 herbicides that are applied prior to planting/crop emergence (PRE) are still effective in controlling waterhemp.

Early Season Soybean Weed Control

Remove weeds early for higher yielding soybeans

Although soybeans are quite adaptable, research is showing they are very sensitive to early season weed competition and need all the help they can get until the plants are large enough to crowd out competition.

IP Soybeans Herbicides

IP soybeans 101

Some extra attention can pay off with premiums from food-grade customers.

Soybean field

Resistant waterhemp devastates soybean yields

Agronomists in Quebec are developing protocols to deal with infestations of resistant waterhemp that have caused yield loss of up to 75% in soybean fields. To achieve control of this tough weed, agronomists advocate an integrated management strategy.


Managing resistance means using different modes of action

Weed resistance to herbicides has been a reality for a long time. The discovery of glyphosate-resistant kochia biotypes is spreading rapidly across Western Canada. Get ahead in your resistance management by using multiple modes of action and by practicing herbicide layering.

sikkema podcast hero

Timing is Everything

According to Dr. Peter Sikkema, Professor in Weed Management for Field Crops, University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus, significant soybean yield loss from weed interference can occur if growers only rely on in-crop herbicides for weed control.

Everything in Order: Tips for mixing herbicides in the right order

To be sure you are getting the most effective results from your herbicide investment requires paying close attention to the order you add products to your spray tank. A good rule of thumb is using the WAMLEGS method as follows:

Pre-Seed Herbicide Solutions for Soybeans

Authority 480 Herbicide

Authority® 480 herbicide is a flexible pre-emergent Group 14 herbicide that provides extended activity on challenging broadleaf weeds in soybeans. Whether applied alone or tank-mixed with glyphosate and other registered partners, the convenient concentrated formulation of Authority® 480 herbicide ensures ease of use and mixing.



Authority Supreme Herbicide

Authority® Supreme herbicide delivers consistent, long-lasting pre-emergent control of grassy and broadleaf weeds. It also provides a high-impact tool for resistance management with Group 14 and 15 chemistries. The unique modes of action can also be tank-mixed with other residual and burndown products to control the weed spectrum growers have in their fields, including weeds resistant to groups 9 (glyphosate), 5 and 2 modes of action.

ABOUT Authority® Supreme 


ABOUT Authority® 480 



PROFILE: Allison Hayward

Allison Hayward Soybean ResearcherMeet one of our crop scientists, Allison Hayward, field development representative at our Breslau, ON research station. Allison is also the main curator of FMC's soybean content.

Allison Hayward didn't grow up on a farm but she's covered a lot of ground in ag since graduating. She's really passionate about the industry – something that shows when you talk shop with her.

Interesting fact: Allison has a PhD in plant physiology and did her post-doc work on Christmas trees – working with breeding and hormones to keep needles on the tree longer. She's also worked in the fertilizer industry. Her heart is in R&D and she spends her summers in the field and in the lab in Breslau.

Allison is passionate about delivering the newest, best products to Canadian growers so that the industry remains competitive internationally. She's big on food security and environmental stewardship.

Give her a follow on Twitter @AlliHayward.

Learn more about the long-lasting grassy and broadleaf weed control of Authority® Supreme herbicide.