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Fall Herbicides

Supporting agriculture’s not-so-secret society

4-H is the not-so-secret society of agriculture.

Those who grew up in the city often don’t understand but the power of the 4-H network isn’t a secret to the adults who showed a steer when they were a kid or took part in a 4-H public speaking competition. They know that being a 4-H member sets you up for success.

The friendships kids make in a 4-H club become a powerful network that connects them as adults. Whether it’s from a desk in the office of a major corporation or from the yard of a Prairie farm, veterans of 4-H have a Rolodex-worth of friends they can call to help navigate whatever situation they’re facing.

But COVID-19 put a wrench in all this development and threatened to undo networks for a generation of kids.

Take the five 4-H clubs from across northeastern Saskatchewan that attend the regional beef show in Prince Albert. Every June over 90 4-Hers come together to show their cattle at the Prince Albert Regional 4-H Beef Show and Sale… except in 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the show was cancelled.

Local businesses and supporters didn’t abandon the 4-Hers. The community stepped up to purchase the steers privately. Sales went remarkably fast.

The Prince Albert show is about more than showing cattle. This is the culmination of the 4-H year when 4-H families meet old friends from other clubs and everyone pulls together to finish well – whether as individuals or as a club.

Fundraising for the 2021 show has already started. Money goes towards the event costs including prize money and awards.

The Prince Albert Regional 4-H Beef Show and Sale is worth every penny it takes to pull it off. After all, it’s about setting up the next generation of aggies to thrive, no matter where they end up as adults.