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clean fields community yields
Fall Herbicides

FMC Clean Fields Community Yields Fall Grower Program


Anna CFCYShe is smiling because of you.

Anna was involved in a horseback riding incident. Thankfully, STARS air ambulance was called and provided life saving assistance.

That’s why her local retailer chose STARS to receive an FMC Clean Fields Community Yields donation. And then local growers like you bought FMC fall herbicides to make the donation grow.

Since 2020, we’ve given over $300,000 to community projects across Western Canada.

That’s a lot of firehalls, arenas, 4-H clubs and yes… local pools and splash parks… that got a big boost thanks to you buying FMC fall herbicides.

With the FMC Clean Fields Community Yield program, we team up with local retails to donate $0.10 per acre from eligible FMC fall herbicide sales to organizations that serve local communities. It could be sports, arts, seniors or something else – if they help people, we’ll help them.

 “STARS is a critical part of the first-responder infrastructure in rural Saskatchewan. We were thrilled to partner with FMC and see the money from FMC Clean Fields, Community Yields go to keeping the air ambulances flying.”

 -Doug Gilchrist, manager

Luseland branch of Nutrien Ag Solutions

Your community needs help. Thanks to retailers and producers like you, we know just what to do.

Purchase an eligible FMC fall herbicide between July 15 and October 31, 2023, and we’ll send a portion of the proceeds to an organization chosen by your retailer. We can’t wait to hear the stories of the impact we’re all going to make.


GRowers, GIVE BACK with FMC Fall herbicides

Applying a fall herbicide is excellent agronomics. The FMC Clean Fields Community Yields program makes choosing an FMC fall herbicide an even better choice. You get clean fields and your community yields.

Purchase the following FMC fall herbicides and we will donate 10 cents an acre to a charity of your retailer’s choice based on the total number of acres of FMC fall herbicides sprayed.

  • Express®  FX herbicide brings three modes of action for resistance management, when applied with glyphosate
  • Express®  Pro herbicide delivers up to 15 days of extended control of key weeds
  • Express®  SG herbicide has maximum rotational flexibility
  • Focus® herbicide has a unique mode of action combination that, when applied post-harvest, provides fall burnoff of emerged weeds, PLUS extended activity of key grassy and broadleaf weeds such as kochia, lamb’s-quarters, wild mustard, stinkweed and wild oats in the spring. 
  • Authority® 480 herbicide controls kochia and other yield-robbing weeds.
  • Authority® Supreme herbicide has dual modes of action that dominate even the toughest hard-to-control weeds.
  • Intruvix™ herbicide gives your burnoff the right combination of performance and resistance management when added to glyphosate for contact and systemic control of the toughest broadleaf weeds before cereals.
  • PrecisionPac® herbicides provide tough weed control solutions to prevent establishment of hard-to-control weeds.

Retailers, Support a Charity

Contact your local FMC territory manager for your FMC Clean Fields Community Yields kit to get the ball rolling.

“Dear Carmen Lowe-Wassermann and FMC Clean Fields Community Yields, On behalf of the Redvers Library, we would like to say thank you for your very generous donation! This donation will help us purchase supplies and continue to run programs for all ages! We could not do what we do without the support of the community, so we greatly thank you!” 

- Redvers Public Library, Redvers, SK


2023 FMC Clean Fields Community Yields Terms & Conditions


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