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Authority® brand herbicides are the powerful, durable, and reliable soil-based defence you need in the annual bout with grass and broadleaf weeds.

PROFILE: Allison Hayward

Meet one of our crop scientists, Allison Hayward, field development representative at our Breslau, ON research station. Allison is also the main curator of content for the Seriously Soybeans page.

Allison Hayward didn’t grow up on a farm but she’s covered a lot of ground in ag since graduating. She’s really passionate about the industry – something that comes through every time you talk shop with her.

Allison Hayward
Allison Hayward at work

Interesting fact: Allison has a PhD in plant physiology and did her post-doc work on Christmas trees – working with breeding and hormones to keep needles on the tree longer. She’s also worked in the fertilizer industry. Her heart is in R&D and she spends her summers in the field and in the lab in Breslau.

Allison is passionate about delivering the newest, best products to Canadian growers so that the industry remains competitive internationally. She’s big on food security and environmental stewardship.

Give her a follow on Twitter @AlliHayward.