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Man touching wheat in fieldCanada is a dominant player in the worldwide wheat, oats, and barley market.

More acres of wheat are grown in Canada than any other crop. It is the single biggest export earner of all agricultural products in Canada. Worldwide, Canada is the sixth-largest producer and one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat annually. Over 90 per cent of the Canadian crop is grown on the Prairies.  

Our dominance on the worldwide small-grain market doesn’t end with wheat. Canadian oats make up the majority of the world oat trade and Canada is the fourth largest barley producer and the second largest malt exporter in the world.

Small grains have been grown on the Prairies since the early 1900s and weed control has been a problem ever since. Researchers and producers now know the value of early weed control in getting a crop established in the spring. Producers have learned that even a slight growth advantage on weeds really benefits the crop.

Glyphosate is often used as a pre-seed burnoff with another product added as a tank-mix to control weeds that glyphosate misses. The right tank-mix partner can also add extended control to get the crop through the critical weed free period and reduce the risk of weed resistance.

Fall weed control is another important part of the weed management strategy for many growers. A timely burnoff of weeds after harvest is a good way to manage some hard-to-control weeds and set up the next spring’s seeding.

FMC offers a suite of products for pre-seed, in-crop and fall weed control.

Deeper Dive Into Cereals

Kochia and cleavers

Taking charge of kochia and cleavers in wheat

Kochia is spreading quickly, including biotypes that are resistant to multiple herbicide groups. Cleavers are on the rise too through the dark brown, black and grey wooded soil zones. A well-timed early season control can make an enormous difference in controlling both of these weeds.


Managing resistance means using different modes of action

Weed resistance to herbicides has been a reality for a long time. The discovery of glyphosate-resistant kochia biotypes is spreading rapidly across Western Canada. Get ahead in your resistance management by using multiple modes of action and by practicing herbicide layering.


How to manage the threat of weed resistance before it manages you

We depend on glyphosate. But the number of weeds resistant to glyphosate is increasing. Here are some strategies to reduce the risk of weed resistance on your farm.

wheat midge

Don’t lose yield and quality to wheat midge

Wheat midge is sneaky. Sometimes damage from wheat midge gets blamed on frost damage or drought stress. Don’t be fooled. Read how to scout and count wheat midge and protect your crop’s grade and yield against this nasty pest.
Focus on bare ground

A complete solution for a clean start

Using glyphosate over and over again is asking for trouble. Layering in novel modes of action is an excellent resistance management strategy. Here's a plan to make that happen pre-seed and pre-emergent in wheat and lentils.

Intruvix® Herbicide

Learn more about effective early season weed control in cereals that helps you manage weed resistance at the same time.

Express® Brand Herbicides

Learn how to get better weed control and resistance management in your pre-seed weed control.


Pre-Seed Solutions for Cereals

Aim EC HerbicideA strong Group 14 glyphosate partner for quick, enhanced burnoff of hard-to-control weeds including kochia (Group 2, 4 and 9 resistant), flixweed, lamb’s-quarters, redroot pigweed and cleavers (Group 2 and 4 resistant). Aim® EC herbicide adds a novel mode of action to glyphosate for resistance management.


Authority 480 HerbicideConsistent, pre-emergent extended Group 14 activity to control Group 2, 4 and 9 resistant kochia, redroot pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, cleavers (suppression), waterhemp, wild buckwheat and more. Apply pre-seed or up to three days after seeding peas, soybeans, flax and other crops. Now registered for control of kochia in spring and durum wheat.

Express PRO HerbicideA product designed with Western farmers in mind, Express® PRO herbicide provides control of even the toughest broadleaf weeds. It brings both powerful burnoff and up to 15 days of extended activity for pre-seed applications.

Express SG HerbicideCombines excellent weed control with the flexibility to plant 20 different crops 24 hours after application. Express® SG herbicide can be applied pre-seed and post-harvest, and can be mixed with both Aim® EC herbicide and Authority® 480 herbicide for more enhanced weed control and resistance management.

Express FX HerbicideGet comprehensive weed control for cereal crops and excellent resistance management with three modes of action when added to glyphosate. Enhanced control of key weeds such as kochia (including Groups 2 & 9 resistant biotypes), dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, flixweed, stinkweed and volunteer canola.

Focus HerbicideGives lentils and spring wheat growers powerful grassy and broadleaf weed control from dual modes of action. It can be applied at pre-seed, pre-emergence or in the fall for powerful, extended activity on both grassy and broadleaf weeds. Group 14 and 15 modes of action provide enhanced burnoff and extended control of a wide weed spectrum and an all-in-one resistance management tool.

Intruvix HerbicideThis is the ideal burnoff before cereals, bringing fast activity and the power of systemic action. When added to glyphosate, the four modes of action work together to fight resistance and control over 30 of the toughest broadleaf weeds like kochia, cleavers, dandelions and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard.

In-Crop Products for Cereals

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Baricade IITough on weeds, but gentle on your cereal crops and with outstanding re-cropping flexibility. Barricade® II herbicide gives you consistent, powerful performance on broadleaf weeds like narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cleavers and kochia – all without compromising crop health.


Predicade IIFor convenient and powerful resistance management that’s an all-in-one product designed to knock-out a broad range of grassy and broadleaf weeds in your spring, durum, and winter wheat crop. Predicade® II herbicide is convenient to handle plus has five active ingredients.  


Refine M Herbicide

Refine SG Herbicide


Predicade IIA go-to, in-season herbicide heavyweight for combating large weeds like late-stage wild buckwheat, as well as a variety of other key weeds such as cleavers and kochia. With a built-in adjuvant, wide application window, and low use rate, Travallas® herbicide is both simple to use and easy to handle.

Insecticides for Use in Cereals

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Coragen herbicide

Coragen MAX herbicidePowered by Rynaxypyr® active, a unique mode of action that provides remarkable plant protection. It delivers reliable, consistent, long-lasting protection against key insects such as grasshoppers, diamondback moth, cabbage looper and others. It has minimal impact on many important beneficial insects and pollinators when applied as directed by label.

Cygon InsecticideCygon® 480-AG insecticide brings systemic control of aphids, spider mites, and other problem pests in wheat. Cygon® 480-AG insecticide is also registered for control of wheat midge. Overall it's an excellent go-to protection tool with long-lasting control.

Pounce herbicide

Not sure where to start with your pre-seed application for your cereal crops?

Try Intruvix, the only four mode-of-action (after adding glyphosate) cereal burnoff, to fight resistance and control over 30 of the toughest broadleaf weeds.