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Refine® SG herbicide / West

Confidence comes from knowing you're ready for tough growing challenges. With broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds, wide application window, and vast number of tank-mix options, Refine SG herbicide can fortify your weed management plan with greater flexibility - bringing you peace of mind.

Quick Facts

  • Controls broadleaf weeds, including hemp-nettle, chickweed, narrow-leaved hawksbeard, and flixweed.
  • One of the most broad-spectrum broadleaf herbicides on the market.
  • Wide window of application and excellent crop safety.

Labels And SDS

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Product Overview

Refine SG herbicide is broad-spectrum broadleaf weed control in wheat (spring, winter and durum), barley, oats - as well as seedling and established grasses for forage and seed production. It controls 21 different broadleaf weeds, and provides suppression for seven more (e.g. Canada thistle and cleavers). 14 registered tank-mix options provide significantly more weed management flexibility. No residuals are left in the soil either, meaning you're never left with fewer crop plan options.


Full crop listing

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Seedling and Established Grass Species for Forage and Seed Production


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Registered & Supported Tank-mix Options:

  • 2,4-D
  • Attain®
  • Assert®
  • Axial®
  • Axial® Xtreme
  • Banvel® II
  • Clodinafop
  • Everest® 2.0
  • MCPA
  • Puma® Advance
  • Simplicity™ GoDri®
  • Traxos®
  • Varro®

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