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Predicade® herbicide

If you need convenient and powerful resistance management, Predicade® herbicide can help. It's an all-in-one product designed to knock-out a broad range of grassy and broadleaf weeds in your spring, durum, and winter wheat crop. Convenient handling, plus five active ingredients, means it's also useful in proactive resistance management. 

Predicade herbicide targets more than 30 of Western Canada’s key weeds, including Group 1-resistant wild oats. Even when spring burnoff is missed, Predicade herbicide is a key wheat-cleaning solution. 

Quick Facts

  • Excels on the most challenging grass and broadleaf weeds, including Group 1 resistant wild oats.
  • Multiple modes of action for proactive resistance management
  • Offers excellent control with flexible re-crop options.
  • One case provides everything you need for weed control in spring, durum and winter wheat.
  • Flexible re-cropping the following year.

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Product Overview

Predicade herbicide gives you flexibility by providing broad-spectrum weed control in spring, durum and winter wheat. It targets over 30 key grassy and broadleaf weeds, and excels in managing the toughest ones - including Group 1-resistant wild oats. Five active ingredients also bring next-level resistance management, even in situations where spring burnoff is missed. 

Convenience in mixing and application is important, too. One case provides everything you need. It treats 40 acres, and may be applied from the 3-leaf  to 6-leaf with 3 tillers stage - but prior to jointing (presence of first node).

Re-cropping flexibility is a key benefit. Alfalfa, barley, canola, field corn, flax, dry beans, lentils, mustard, oats, peas, soybeans, spring and durum wheat, or sunflowers can all be seeded the year after.


Full crop listing

  • Spring Wheat
  • Durum Wheat
  • Winter Wheat


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Chemical Group: Group 2

Crop Rotation: Fields treated with Predicade herbicide may be seeded the following year to alfalfa, barley, canola, field corn, flax, dry beans, lentils, mustard, oats, peas, soybeans, spring and durum wheat or sunflowers.


  • Spring wheat and durum: 3-leaf to 6-leaf with tillers, but prior to jointing (presence of first node).
  • Winter wheat: spring application from the 3 tiller stage and before the first node can be felt in the stem. DO NOT apply after the presence of the first node as crop injury may occur. Under drought conditions do NOT apply Predicade herbicide if time between seeding and spraying exceeds 35 days.

Rates and Packaging: One (1) case treats 40 acres.

Water Volume: Minimum 5 gal/ac (50 L/ha).

Rainfastness: Two (2) hours.

Mixing Order: Recommended mixing order is as follows:

1. Predicade Broadleaf herbicide
2. Predicade Grass herbicide
3. Perimeter II herbicide
4. MCPA Ester 600 Liquid herbicide

Trial Data

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