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Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) cultivation is and will continue to be a growth engine for Indian agriculture for a foreseeable future. Vegetable production has been growing at a CAGR of 4.6% since the last decade in comparison to the agricultural growth of 2.6 % presently. Innovation is driving this growth and there are enormous possibilities for further increase in productivity. From the point of view of food security and meeting the nutritional requirements of a growing population, to improvement in the economic status of the farmers and to maintain a healthy & disease-free life, F&V is the way forward.

FMC is known as a solutions provider for Row crops until now. However, we are getting closer to F&V farmers with a renewed approach. We’re helping them fulfill their dreams by providing sustainable solutions to enhance their productivity and secure their future. Take a look at our range of products best suited for some of the key Fruit & Vegetable crops.