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FMC is one of the leading solutions provider for farmers globally, helping them minimizing their crop loss and enhance their yields and profits.

Stewardship priorities are built into the heart of R&D, Product portfolio and Marketing strategies at FMC. We’re deeply committed to ethical Product stewardship and promote a safe, sustainable and ethical use of our products along the product life-cycle. We aim to enhance the sustainability of our business by taking proactive stewardship actions at each stage of the product lifecycle.

Product Stewardship connects all the stages of product life cycle from discovery to product use by the consumer and final disposal of the waste or empty containers. We ensure that our innovations are socially and environmentally responsible, we have best in class testing of our innovations at the R&D level, impeccable Regulatory data, honest product proposition, responsible manufacturing / transportation and safe & judicious use of our products by the applicators followed by education on safe disposal of wastes and empty containers.

Poison Control Centre for 24x7 help: 1800-102-6545

FMC has a dedicated Pesticides Poison Control Call Centre on the above number managed by professional medical practitioners. This Centre handles calls/messages any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Any adverse impact on any human or animal while using any of the FMC products, either through accidental, unintentional or otherwise use/misuse, can be reported and sought assistance for at given number.

What should you do to report adverse impact?

Call the dedicated FMC number 1800-102-6545. Keep the following information handy as you call up the call center:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Contact Number
  4. District name (Mandatory)
  5. State (Mandatory)
  6. Town/ Tehsil / Taluka
  7. Medical Emergency Type a7 Basic details
  8. FMC product involved

Product Stewardship Training:

To ensure that FMC products are used ethically, safely and judiciously, FMC regularly undertakes training programs for Farmers, Dealers, Medical Practitioners, Spray Operators, Applicators, and FMC staff itself on a regular basis throughout the year on its own or through associations such as CropLife India.

The best practices to be adopted during purchase and use of crop protection products in general and FMC products in particular are imparted during such training sessions. Apart from these, training on maintenance of the application equipment and on how to read the label instructions is also imparted.

FMC encourages Farmers to Ensure:

  1. That they have obtained the requisite invoice from the dealer against their purchase of an FMC product.
  2. That they are using the right product against the right pest at the right time.
  3. That they are using the right dilation of the product to be sprayed.
  4. That they are using the right and well-maintained equipment for applying / spraying pesticide
  5. That they are wearing the right Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kit for handling the product mixing and application.
  6. That they thoroughly read and follow the product label instructions thoroughly.
  7. That they are not spraying against the wind direction.
  8. That they thoroughly take a bath after the spray operations.
  9. That they have securely stored the pesticide containers, in cool and dry place, away from the reach of children in duly locked storage area.
  10. That they triple rinse the empty containers before disposing them as per label.