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Our Story

A leading Agricultural Sciences Company dedicated exclusively to crop protection, chemistry and its delivery, FMC has helped protect growers’ fields and yields for more than 135 years. FMC was founded in 1883 as the Bean Spray Pump Company by John Bean, who developed the first piston-pump insecticide sprayer. In 1928 Bean Spray Pump purchased the Anderson-Barngrover Co. and Sprague-Sells Co. and changed the company name to Food Machinery Corporation. FMC was born.

More than a century later, FMC continues to serve global agricultural markets by delivering uniquely innovative solutions and application systems rooted in science, safety and sustainability. In 2015, FMC acquired Cheminova A/S, a Denmark-based multinational crop protection company. That transaction broadened our agricultural solutions portfolio and significantly strengthened our market access. In 2017, FMC acquired a significant portion of DuPont’s crop protection portfolio, further enforcing our promise to FMC customers, retailers and distributors: Advancing Chemistry to Advance Agriculture.

FMC Corporation employs more than 6,000 people worldwide. With 7% of our revenue committed to Research & Development, FMC owns the most awarded R&D pipeline globally.

Focus on Market-Driven Technologies

As a leading agricultural sciences company, FMC is committed to responding to customers' evolving needs. We are investing significant resources in discovering new active ingredients, developing innovative formulations and biologicals in addition to advancing precision agriculture technologies that support sustainable agriculture around the world.


Still focused solely on chemistry and its delivery, FMC innovates the science of crop protection in order to be the fearless, independent, collaborative partner customers trust to maximize their productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Simply put, we offer you more freedom and flexibility.


In India, FMC is one of the leading crop protection companies, and the leading player in Insecticides segment. We offer a robust portfolio of solutions for crop protection, crop nutrition, and professional pest management. With the best minds and resources, we work in partnership with our customers to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our customers, society, and environment.

FMC India headquartered at Mumbai, with a regional office in Gurugram. Our formulation manufacturing site is based at Savli in Gujarat. We have a discovery research group at India Innovation Center in Hyderabad and a field evaluation station - SAFES at Vadodara, Gujarat. With employee strength of ~610 we’re present across all regions in India and offer solutions for nearly 30 crops.

We’re Committed to Sustainability