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Fall Herbicides

When seconds count

HALO saves lives in Southern Alberta

After an accident, things often get quiet.

The machinery is turned off. The person who best remembers their first aid training takes control. Someone calls 911. A volunteer firefighter gets to the scene. People gather around, wishing they could do something, but all they can do is wait.

In Southern Alberta, when the accident is bad, the silence is broken by the chuff-chuff-chuff of helicopter blades.

They signal that help has come. In Southern Alberta, they’re the sound of hope.

Farm accidents happen. The Palliser Health Region is an enormous 50,000 square kilometres in size. It takes too long to drive in an ambulance, especially when a patient needs to be rushed to a specialized trauma unit in Calgary.

It would even take too long for a helicopter to start in Calgary and fly out to the far end of Southern Alberta. The helicopter would probably have to refuel. Better to be stationed as close as possible to the site of the accident.

Because sometimes seconds count.

HALO is the only medevac helicopter unit dedicated to Southern Alberta. The unit’s BK 117 helicopter can travel at a ground speed of 250 km/h. It’s a twin-engine helicopter with room for the advanced care paramedics to work. It can handle 100 km winds on the nose and has enough fuel on board to reach to most of Southern Alberta and then fly to Calgary on one tank.

HALO has flown over 550 missions since 2007. In 2019 alone they had 200 calls for service. The operation is lean with a small staff and a volunteer board. It takes $3 million per year to keep the helicopters in the air. Most of that is fundraised.

And that’s where you can help.

A number of ag retailers in Southern Alberta have chosen HALO to receive 10-cents per acre of every FMC fall herbicide applied from July 15 to October 30.



  • Local FMC account managers will work with participating retailers and choose the community-based organization to support
  • Purchases of fall-labelled herbicides made at the retailers between July 15 and October 31, 2020 will increase the size of the donation
  • FMC will donate $0.10 per acre on all fall-labeled products sold once the retailer reaches a minimum of 5,000 acres sold

This isn’t the only way we’re giving back. But this one’s special because we’re doing it together. And together we’re stronger.