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India’s Panoli site is first in FMC to harvest rainwater

To enhance self-reliance and sustainability, FMC India's Panoli manufacturing site in the state of Gujarat hasRain water harvesting installed two rainwater harvesting plants, which are expected to collect more than 2,500 KL of rainwater annually during the monsoon season. 

Given an average rainfall of 970mm each year based on meteorological data, Plant-1 and Plant-2 will harvest at least 1,560 KL and 906 KL water annually respectively.

The initiative brings dual benefits. Firstly, the water, which would otherwise be wasted, is now is getting harvested and recycled. Secondly, it has reduced the site's dependency on external water supply sources.

When rain falls on the 3,000 square meters of the roof-top area used for harvesting rainwater, it is funnelled through water pipes from the roof into a storage tank, filtered, and then pumped to the raw water storage tank for reuse. 74 KL of water has so far been collected.