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FMC India celebrates World Soil Day 2021

Halt Soil Salinization, Boost Soil Productivity

World Soil Day 2021


Sustainability is at the core of FMC India's business and we are committed to driving various sustainability initiatives forward. Soil Health is one of the major sustainability themes for us as we all know that soil is a critical resource for farming.

Indian soils are facing many challenges today – there is an all-round degradation of soil quality over the years and we have the responsibility to create awareness about soil health in India. Being a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals specifically, "Zero Hunger" is an important imperative.

5th December is celebrated as World Soil Day across India. The theme for World Soil day 2021 was 'Halt Soil Salinization, Boost Soil Productivity. Its motive is to raise awareness about the dangers of soil salinity.

Like every year, Team FMC conducted various activities on World Soil Day on 5th December 2021. We conducted a series of events to educate farmers, channel partners, & other stakeholders about Soil Health. 600+ farmer meetings were conducted that involved 200+ channel partners, 850+ trees were planted, 20+ vehicle rallies conducted and the teams engaged with around 80 government officials. Our creative leaders took the campaign to the next level by conducting Soil Day Essay Competition, Debate Competition in local colleges/schools & engaging women farmers with drama and roleplays on the subject.

Along with on ground activities, we also initiated digital campaigns around Soil Health. We organized a webinar with a soil scientist from ICAR, where he shared his knowledge about causes of soil salinity and ways to mitigate the challenges. Other digital activities involved short clips on soil status, world soil day theme and a customer's pledge to support FMC Initiative towards Soil Health awareness.

The campaign was covered by leading Print media & local TV Channels. The campaign was well appreciated by many industry leaders as well as Soil Specialists in the country.

The campaign aimed to make a small contribution towards Sustainable Agriculture.  Every year it gives us an opportunity to increase awareness around soil health & inspires us to keep working towards making India a Soil rich Country!

FMC India celebrates World Soil Day 2021