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Sustainability is one of our Core Values. FMC, globally, and in India has always been focused on its responsibility towards its internal and external stakeholders. We are building our Sustainability efforts continuously through deeper engagement, awareness, and trust with communities we work with, within and outside the organization.

One of our core areas of focus is "Rightful & Mindful Resource Conservation”. We are proud to share that one of our manufacturing sites at Panoli, Gujarat succeeded in sourcing solar power from a 50 MW plant for the site under a solar power agreement between DISCOM (Distribution company), GETCO (Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd ) and GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency). By using solar energy, one of the plants at the Panoli site has ZERO GHG emissions. This has led to the entire site getting an annual benefit of 10% reduction in GHG. This will not only help to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards our Sustainability goals, but will also help save costs since solar is a sustainable form of energy.

50 MW plant for sourcing Solar power