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FMC India is committed to attracting and developing talent in Agriculture in India and in this direction, we’re pleased to introduce the FMC SCIENCE LEADERS Scholarship Program.

The Agriculture sector needs infusion of fresh talent. Unfortunately, with other sectors being perceived as being more attractive, youth in the country shy away from taking up Agricultural Sciences to build their career. On the other hand, in order to ensure agricultural sustainability, capability building in the system is essential. FMC Science Leaders Scholarship Program is aimed at supporting the capability building effort in the research and development area of Agricultural Sciences to build resilience in the sector.

FMC’s program will support talent to flourish within the agricultural research system. The program will identify and fund an entire Masters or PhD program degree for deserving students who wish to pursue higher studies in agricultural sciences. FMC would also groom the selected candidates by providing them requisite industry exposure and mentorship so that they can contribute at a higher level once they have completed their degree programs.

Should the supported candidates desire, they would also be accorded a priority in recruitment at FMC against the requisite positions that open-up at FMC in the future. The program will allocate 50% of the seats to female candidates to support Women in Agriculture initiates as well.

FMC India is committed to attracting and developing talent in Agriculture in India.