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FMC Raises COVID-19 Awareness in Rural India

As part of its commitment to stand with the people of India as they continue to fight a devastating second wave of COVID-19, FMC India, has begun to run a multi-channel educational campaign in the countryside to raise overall awareness of the coronavirus and to help curb the spread among rural communities.

FMC has partnered with the ARDEA (Agriculture Rural Development & Environment Awareness) Foundation and digital media channel GreenTV, to stream a series of daily episodes over 20 days. Each interactive episode will feature a medical expert, who will educate viewers on different aspects of the disease and answer questions during the livestream.

Ravi Annavarapu, FMC India's National Sales and Marketing Director, said, "Limited knowledge of COVID-19 symptoms and reluctance towards testing and treatment in remote rural areas has made the village population more susceptible. There is an urgent need to educate and safeguard Indian hinterlands from the coronavirus. In line with our community empowerment initiative Project Samarth, FMC India has opted for a preventive approach to help people take steps to protect themselves against getting infected.”

Expected to reach more than 1.3 million viewers, the series is entitled "COVID-Free Village" and has been airing on GreenTV Facebook and YouTube channels at 8:30am every morning since June 1, 2021, with the final episode scheduled to air on June 20, 2021. The episodes will also be posted on FMC India's Facebook and YouTube channels to expand their reach.

In addition to the 20-day series, a short educational film on COVID-appropriate behavior will be released soon. FMC will also continue to share educational information and tips on COVID-19 with farmers through its social media channels.

Incase, you missed watching the live sessions you may view them here: