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Petra® Biosolution

Petra® Bio solution is a novel nutrition package consisting of plant available Phosphorus, fortified with Nitrogen and organic matter, and powered by Reacted Carbon Technology (RCT).

Quick Facts

  • Petra® Bio solution increases the Cation-Exchange Capacity (CEC) in the application zone.
  • Helps to overcome phosphorus deficiency in plants.
  • Helps to enhance the efficiency of applied phosphorus too.
  • Alleviate salts that are in the soil solution.
  • Reduces the negative effects of soil pH.
  • Supports microbial activity by providing a food source.
  • Positively impacts Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • Increases root mass due to increased nutrient uptake.

Active ingredients

  • Nitrogen 7% + Phosphorus 21% + Organic Matter

Labels And SDS

2 Labels Available

Supporting Documents

Product Overview

Petra® Biosolution consists of Phosphorus which is an essential nutrient for plants and has a pivotal role in building a healthy root system and for energy transformation process/nutrient mobilisation. However, it's availability in the soil is highly influenced by soil pH and temperature. Petra® Biosolution powered by liquid Phosphorus is recommended for Foliar spray. It helps farmers get premium quality produce with better yield. 

Labels and SDS


Always refer to the product label for an official listing of crops, target pests, directions for use, restrictions and precautions. For desired results, carefully read the instructions given and follow. 

Since the usage of this product is beyond our control, we do not give any assurance except the uniform quality of product.