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Group 2 , 9

Express® PRO herbicide

A product designed with Western farmers in mind, Express® PRO herbicide provides control for even the toughest broadleaf weeds. It brings both powerful burnoff and up to 15 days of extended activity for pre-seed applications.

Quick Facts

  • A longer-lasting burnoff of up to 15 days of extended control on key broadleaf weeds.
  • Perennial and biennial weed control specialist.
  • Effective resistance management.
  • Systemic activity within the plant.
  • Can be tank-mixed with glyphosate.
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Product Overview

Express® PRO was developed specifically for Western Canadian growers and applicators who demand control of the toughest broadleaf weeds – ones that often escape glyphosate alone. Using Express PRO as an add-in with your glyphosate brings 2 active ingredients to provide a powerful second mode of action for effective resistance management with up to 15 days of extended broadleaf weeds like cleavers, dandelion, narrow-leaved hawksbeard and volunteer canola. By choosing Express PRO, growers select pre-seed weed control to fit their key weed targets, agronomic requirements and cropping plans.


Full crop listing

  • Spring Wheat
  • Durum Wheat
  • Winter Wheat
  • Spring Barley


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Chemical Group: Groups 2 & 9 when tank-mixed with glyphosate.

Registered and Supported Tank Mixes:

  • Express PRO herbicide must be tank-mixed with glyphosate. 
  • Aim EC herbicide

Timing: Wait a minimum of 24 hours after applying Express PRO herbicide and glyphosate before planting wheat (spring, durum, winter) or barley.

Application information:

Pre-seed burnoff application prior to seeding wheat (spring, winter, durum) and spring barley. Also used in chemfallow and post-harvest applications prior to seeding wheat or barley the following spring.

Rates and packaging: 7 g/ac. One (1) jug treats 80 acres.

Water volume: 5 gal/ac (50 L/ha).

Rainfastness: N/A

Tank mixtures: Fill spray tank one-half to two-thirds full with water. With agitator operating, add the recommended amount of ingredients using the WAMLEGS order.

Rotational intervals and crops:

24 hours: Wheat (spring, durum and winter) and spring barley.

10 months: Canola, peas, faba beans, field corn, lentils, soybeans and flax. Oats may be seeded anytime in the following season.

Trial Data

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express pro comparison 1
express pro comparison 2

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