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Group 13

Command® 360 ME herbicide / West

If all you see when you look at your canola are cleavers, then Command® 360 ME herbicide is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With or without glyphosate, when you apply Command 360 ME herbicide pre-seed, its powerful Group 13 mode of action goes to work, controlling flushing cleavers so you can take back command of your fields.

Quick Facts

  • Early, extended control of cleavers in front of canola
  • Alternative Group 13 mode of action for resistance management
  • Concentrated liquid formulation that is applied with a field sprayer – no special application equipment or incorporation required.
  • Can be applied on its own or tank mixed as part of your glyphosate burnoff application.

Labels And SDS

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Product Overview

Cleavers are becoming one of the most prevalent weeds across Western Canada and developing resistance to specific in-crop herbicide groups. Command 360 ME herbicide is your first line of defence against cleavers in your canola. 

With a pre-seed application of Command 360 ME herbicide, the only registered Group 13 herbicide in Western Canada, you get up to four weeks of extended control working in your canola and a new mode of action against herbicide resistance.

Because Command 360 ME herbicide can be used in front of any herbicide-tolerant canola system, it can take the pressure off an in-crop herbicide, giving it the power to control secondary flushes and letting your hybrids achieve their true yield potential by getting established early.


Full crop listing

  • Canola
  • Mustard
  • Dry Beans


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Chemical Group: Group 13.

Registered and Supported Tank Mixes:

  • Glyphosate
  • Aim® EC herbicide + glyphosate 
  • Aim® EC herbicide
  • Aim® EC herbicide + glyphosate + Pardner herbicide
  • Aim® EC herbicide + glyphosate + Nufarm Koril 235 Liquid herbicide
  • Bromotril 240 EC herbicide
  • Bromotril II 240 EC herbicide
  • IPCO Brotex 480 Liquid herbicide or IPCO Brotex 4AT
  • IPCO Brotex 240 Liquid herbicide
  • IPCO Octagon Herbicide

Timing: Pre-seed, in front of canola, mustard, and camelina.

Application information: Early-season control only. An in-crop herbicide application will be required. Can be used in front of any variety of herbicide tolerant canola. Requires 1/4" of rain for activation.

Rates and Packaging: Canola: 134 mL/ac (330 mL/ha or 40 acres per jug). Mustard and camelina: 101 mL/ha or 132 acres per jug). 2 x 5.4 L jugs/case.

Surfactant: None required

Water Volume: 10 gal/ac (100 L/ha)

Mixing Instructions: Fill spray tank one-half to two-thirds full of water. With agitator operating, add the recommended amount of ingredients using the WAMLEGS order.

Weeds Controlled: Extended control of cleavers (cleavers not emerged at application) suppression of chickweed in canola.

Rainfastness: N/A

Crop rotation: Prior to canola only. No following year cropping restrictions.

Plant-back interval

Rotational crop


Soybeans, spring canola

4 months

Winter wheat

Following spring

Beans (white, kidney, snap), corn (field, sweet), peas, potatoes, spring and durum wheat, spring barley, oats, lentils

16 months

All other crops

Trial Data

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Command comparison
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Customer testimonials

  • “Just swathed my RR canola in a field that has been a ‘cleavers wreck’ in the last few years and I can’t believe how clean this field is after using Command!”
    • Richard Goerzen, Carstairs, AB
  • “I was really impressed with Command. The field was clean and free of cleavers. It was night and day different compared to the neighbouring canola field where Command was not applied.”
    • George Hinz, Humboldt, SK

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