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Herbicide layering
Pre-Seed Herbicides

Herbicide layering is a way to reduce your resistance risk

Herbicide layering may offer you the best chance at reducing your overall weed resistance risk.

The idea behind layering is to use multiple herbicide groups and actives at different application timings to control the same resistance-prone weeds in the same fields.

Herbicide layering doesn’t require you to spray all your active ingredients within the same tank load. Instead, it’s about different application timings. You may start with a pre-seed application of multiple herbicide groups before following up in-crop with a completely different set of groups.

Ideally, you’ve got newer modes of action in your pre-emergent herbicides controlling the resistant weeds and the traditional Group 2s working on weeds like hawk’s-beard and dandelion. By layering in pre-emergent products for your resistant weed populations, you’re covering parts of your weed spectrum that other modes of action can’t manage as effectively.

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