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Lentils Close UpCalling lentils, a “management-intensive crop is an understatement. Lentils are known for folding under the pressure of disease and weed competition.

Lentils pose a season-long agronomic challenge. It’s crucial to start the crop off on the right foot early in the season to give a fighting chance against bad weather, weed competition and other issues the crop might face later in the season.

It’s especially important to manage weed pressure in this notoriously uncompetitive crop. Producing high yields in lentils requires a long-term weed control strategy across your entire crop rotation.

One of the worst yield-reducing culprits in lentils is kochia.  It starts growing in the spring and can produce multiple flushes throughout the season.  The result of these flushes is a poor quality sample due to increased moisture levels in the crop, not to mention mechanical harvest issues.

Controlling Weeds in Lentils

The Alberta Pulse Growers Association recommends controlling weeds early, as lentils are such poor competitors against weeds and in-crop herbicide options are limited by both mode of action and efficacy. Weeds can cause up to 40% yield loss in lentils. A pre-seed herbicide application creates a weed-free period for lentils at a critical point in the growing season.

Use the following strategies to help keep your lentils clean during the critical weed-free period:

  • Tank-mix your glyphosate with a burnoff plus extended control product to extend the time that the crop stays weed-free further into the growing season
  • Use multiple modes of effective action pre-seed or pre-emerge for improved resistance management
  • Use a herbicide layering approach where your pre-seed or pre-emergent herbicide groups are different than your in-crop herbicide groups

Weeds are difficult to manage in lentils but our team of weed specialists is committed to seeing lentil production continue to grow in Western Canada. See below for the latest research to help you produce a higher yielding crop.

Your Lentils Solution

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Focus® herbicide delivers extended weed control with multiple modes of action to set you up for a great crop. It delivers early removal of emerged weeds when added to glyphosate followed by up to eight weeks of extended weed control of emerging weeds once activated by rain.

With Focus, you get extended weed control on kochia1, wild buckwheat1, wild mustard1 and foxtail barley1. Plus, get extended control of downy brome, cleavers and pigweeds. The extended control protects your crop, even if your in-crop herbicide application is delayed.

Focus herbicide, applied with or without glyphosate, should be a key component of your strategy for growing high-yielding lentils:

  • Early weed removal – excellent control of a broad range of grassy and broadleaf weeds helps create a weed-free period for your crop at a critical point in the growing season
  • A complete solution for your weed control
    • Boosted burnoff – can speed up the control of emerged weeds when added to glyphosate
    • Extended weed control – once activated by moisture, it creates a soil-based barrier for up to 8 weeks of extended control on emerging weeds
  • Strong defense against herbicide resistance –combines Groups 14 and 15

1 Suppression

Learn More Details about Focus® Herbicide for Pre-Seed Applications in Western Canada

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