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Driven by sustainability, Coragen® MaX insecticide is a highly concentrated product that delivers proven insect control.  See the quick facts for more information.

Group 28

Coragen® MaX insecticide / East / Veg & Potatoes

Coragen MaX herbicideCoragen® MaX insecticide is a highly concentrated formulation that provides targeted insect control in canola, pulses and cereals.  It’s an innovative solution with a low volume, small warehouse footprint, little plastic and minimal packaging to handle. 

When problem insects like European corn borer, armyworms and imported cabbage worm are just too tough for other products, Coragen® MaX insecticide can help. Its unique mode of action targets hatching insects all the way through to adult stages of development, providing remarkable residual plant protection unmatched by other chemistries.

That means reliable, consistent, long-lasting protection against key insects with minimal impact on many important beneficial insects and pollinators*. This unique environmental and toxicological profile makes Coragen® MaX insecticide a sound choice for potato and fruit and vegetable growers and applicators.

Quick Facts

  • The Coragen® MaX concentrated formulation comes in a 2 L jug that treats 40 - 60 acres at the most common Western bean cutworm and European corn borer rates.
  • Lower volumes, smaller warehouse footprint, less plastic and less packaging to handle.
  • Stops feeding quickly and delivers control at all growth stages.
  • Translaminar movement protects both sides of the leaves and ensures rainfastness.
  • Rynaxypyr® active comes from a novel group of chemistry with no known cross resistance to other chemistries.
  • Controls hatching insects all the way through to adult stages of development.
  • Has minimal impact on many important beneficial insects and pollinators*.


  • The 7-to-21-day residual activity reduces the number of passes required in the field, lessening fuel consumption, emissions, and deterioration of equipment.
  • The highly concentrated formulation offers:
    • Lower product volume resulting in smaller warehouse footprint
    • Reduced plastic for packaging and less waste to handle
    • Reduced water consumption during production
    • Requires less space during shipping, leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions because of the smaller size of containers

Labels And SDS

4 Labels Available

Product Overview

Coragen® MaX insecticide is an innovative product providing broad spectrum, residual control of many pests, including armyworms, imported cabbage worm and diamondback moths. These and other pests are controlled through a novel mode of action – the activation of insect ryanodine receptors (RyRs) – that attacks muscle function and stops insects from feeding in as little as seven minutes.

Coragen® MaX insecticide delivers powerfully effective activity on European corn borer and Colorado potato beetle and has no cross-resistance to other registered insecticides. It controls hatching insects all the way through to the adult stages of development. This product is particularly potent against larvae as they hatch from the eggs (ovi-larvicidal activity), but also provides excellent control at the larval stages.

Coragen® MaX insecticide can be used on a wide variety of crops, has a short (12 hour) reentry period, a pre-harvest interval of just 1 day for potatoes, and minimal impact on many important pollinators and beneficials*. As such, it’s a strong tool for Integrated Pest Management programs. It's also very tank stable, mixable, and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures (between 4°C and 40°C).

Its effective control, coupled with a unique environmental and toxicological profile and new more concentrated formulation, makes Coragen® MaX insecticide a sound crop protection choice.

Coragen® MaX insecticide provides all of the benefits that the industry has come to rely on from Coragen® insecticide, with improved sustainability. The lower volumes, smaller warehouse footprint, less plastic and less packaging to handle means added efficiencies to farmers and retailers alike.


Full crop listing

  • Potato
  • Root and Tuber Vegetables
  • Leafy Vegetables
  • Brassica Vegetables
  • Legume Vegetable
  • Fruiting Vegetable
  • Cucurbit Vegetable
  • Non-Grass Animal Feeds (Forage, Fodder, Straw, Hay)
  • Mint
  • Hops
  • Corn
  • Grass Forage Fodder and Hay
  • Cereals
  • Oilseeds
  • Green Onion Subgroup
  • Okra


  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Tank Mixing: Very stable in the tank and very tank-mixable. Refer to product label for tank-mixing instructions and to Tank-Mixing Policy for Supported Tank-Mixes.

Temperature: Can be applied in a wide range of temperatures (between 4°C and 40°C).

Packaging: 4 x 2 L jugs/case

Rainfast: 1 hour

Water Volume: 10 gal/ac (100 L/ha)

Re-entry Period: 12 hours

Aerial application: 5 gal/ac (50 L/ha) for cereals, corn, legume vegetables (beans, lupine, fava bean, chickpeas, lentils, peas), sugar beets, oilseeds and potatoes.

Coragen Max Insecticide West Veg Potatoes

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