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Group 2

Rovral® WP fungicide

Rovral® WP fungicide provides three-way protection on labeled horticultural crops: protectant, kickback activity and local systemic activity. By penetrating the plant, Rovral WP fungicide is active in the surrounding tissue and slows or stops fungal growth for up to 48 hours after infection. As a group 2 fungicide, Rovral WP fungicide is an excellent rotational product to protect labeled crops from many destructive diseases.

Quick Facts

  • Takes on key pests like sclerotinia and botrytis.
  • Provides three-way protection by means of a protectant with kickback activity and local systemic activity.
  • Penetrates the plant and provides 10- to 14-day residual activity in surrounding tissues.
  • Slows or stops fungal growth up to 48 hours after infection.
  • An ideal rotational partner for resistance management programs.

Labels And SDS

2 Labels Available

Product Overview

Rovral WP fungicide controls fungi at all stages of development, including spore germination, mycelia growth and spore production. Year in and year out, this multi-prong attack delivers consistent, reliable disease prevention while reducing the risk of resistance development in future growing seasons.


Full crop listing

  • Greenhouse Lettuce
  • Imported Carrot Seed
  • Ornamentals
  • Conifer Seedlings (Greenhouse and Nursery)


  • British Columbia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Registered and Supported Tank-mix Options: When tank-mixing with any insecticide, perform a jar test for compatibility first.

Crop Rotation: No re-cropping restrictions.

Application Information:

Greenhouse Lettuce: 1 kg ai/ha in 2000 L water per hectare.

Ornamentals: Control of Botrytis spp. - 0.5 kg ai/ha in 10 litres of water. Apply to run-off, ensuring good coverage.  Control of damping off - 10 kg ai/ha.

Conifer Seedlings:  1 kg ai/ha in 1100 L water per hectare.

Rates and Packaging: 20 x 1 kg bags/case.

Surfactant: N/A.

Water Volume: varies by crop.

Mixing Instructions: Add half the required water volume in the tank; stir in Rovral WP fungicide and add the remainder of the water. Ensure mixing is complete. Agitate thoroughly before each application and continue to agitate during spraying. A prepared spray mixture should be used as soon as possible in the same day, especially if the water used for mixing is alkaline (greater than pH of 7).

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