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Pounce 384EC insecticide now registered for striped flea beetles

Pounce® 384EC insecticide now registered for control of striped flea beetle in canola

Striped flea beetles join crucifer on the the list of flea beetles controlled by Pounce 384EC insecticide in canola.

“This is an important registration for canola growers,” says Frances Boddy, product manager at FMC. “The incidence of striped flea beetles across the Prairies is rising. Flea beetles are becoming a chronic problem and growers have been searching for an effective foliar solution to support their seed treatment package.”

Crucifer beetles used to represent the vast majority of the flea beetle population in Western Canada. That’s changed as striped flea beetles have moved south and east across the Prairies infesting places like Southern Manitoba where they were once a rare occurrence.

“Pounce 384EC insecticide becomes a valuable tool for growers across Western Canada as it controls both striped and crucifer flea beetles,” says Boddy.

Flea beetles tend to emerge at the same time as early seeded canola, when it is small and susceptible to insect damage. There is little known about any natural predators feeding on flea beetles.

Pounce 384EC insecticide delivers broad-spectrum insect control on a variety of horticultural and row crops. It is more light stable than other synthetic pyrethroids and is registered for both ground and aerial application.

Growers should apply Pounce 384EC insecticide in sufficient water for good coverage when flea beetles are actively feeding. Losses from feeding can advance very quickly so canola fields should be vigilantly scouted at that critical time of the year.

Pounce 384EC insecticide is an economical, reliable solution for control of flea beetles and cutworms in canola as well as cutworms in cereals, corn, flax, lentils, peas and sunflowers. It is also registered for control of insect pests in other crops.


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