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Aim® EC Herbicide – The Cornerstone of a Spring Weed Control Program

Aim® EC herbicide is a powerful and versatile Group 14 herbicide that is the cornerstone of an effective pre-seed weed control program.  

When applied with glyphosate and other registered tank-mix partners, Aim® EC herbicide controls a wide range of troublesome weeds including kochia, cleavers and more.  

Aim EC Technical Video

By using Aim® EC herbicide, growers can achieve a quick, effective burnoff of resistant weeds allowing for a clean seedbed for planting.  

Once applied, growers can immediately seed a wide variety of crops including canola, cereals and pulses. And with multiple label rates, growers can choose the rate that fits their weed spectrum and tank mix strategy.  

The unique Group 14 mode of action (carfentrazone-ethyl) in Aim® EC herbicide helps control many glyphosate-resistant weed biotypes and gives growers a strong tool to manage herbicide resistance. 

See the power of Aim® EC herbicide yourself


Canola • Lentils • Cereals • Peas • Flax • Soybean • Faba bean • Many more 

Weeds controlled 

Cleavers  • Cocklebur • Common purslane  •  Corn spurry • Dandelion (spring germinating) • Eastern black nightshade • Flixweed • Hairy nightshade  • Horsetail • Kochia   • Lamb’s-quarters • Morning glory •  Pigweed (prostrate, redroot, smooth, tumble) •  Prickly lettuce • Round-leaved mallow • Russian thistle • Shepherd’s-purse •  Smartweed, Pennsylvania (seedling) • Stinkweed • Tansy mustard  • Velvetleaf •  Volunteer canola, including glyphosate tolerant • Waterhemp (common, tall) 



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