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PPAC Customization Article

Growers embrace customization of PrecisionPac® herbicides

When it comes to weed control on your farm, what’s most important to you? Is it efficacy, versatility or convenience?

Many growers would say: ‘I want all three’. That’s why more and more prairie crop producers ask for PrecisionPac® herbicides from FMC Canada.

PrecisionPac® herbicides include 17 customized blends of powerful crop protection, geared to your weed targets and dispensed down to the precise acre.

Efficacy. PrecisionPac® herbicides provide high-performing weed control, customized to suit your weed spectrum and the length of herbicide activity you want. Modes of action can easily be combined to assist in the fight against weed resistance.

Versatility. Growers tell us they like how PrecisionPac® herbicides fit how they farm. Choose from blends that provide burnoff weed control, extended weed control, post-emergent broadleaf weed control or cross-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control.

Convenience. Efficacy and versatility are vital, but growers also appreciate how PrecisionPac® herbicides save them time.

Because these 17 herbicide blends are dispensed in the exact amount you need, you don’t pay for herbicide you can’t use and the hassle of storing partial jugs is removed. Tell your retailer the crop, the acres, the weed spectrum and any resistance concerns and you’ll be given the precise amount of the right product at the right rate.

This comes in handy when you have acreage to spray that doesn’t correspond to typical herbicide package increments. Need 126 acres and no more? PrecisionPac® Application Innovation can do that.

With PrecisionPac® herbicides, mixing couldn’t be simpler. Follow the WAMLEGS method, make sure to add the entire bag into your water-filled spray tank, agitate, and away you go. This quick and easy mixing saves you precious time amid a busy day of spraying.

Looking at PrecisionPac® herbicides from three angles -- efficacy, versatility and convenience – it’s clear that you don’t have to sacrifice one benefit to get the others.

Farmers seem to agree. As one long-time PrecisionPac® herbicide user told us: “The most important thing at the end of the day is that the field stays clean and the weeds get taken care of. If we can get all that, and get it in a convenient package, you’re getting the best of both worlds.”