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Group 2

Muster® Toss-N-Go® herbicide

Muster® Toss-n-Go® herbicide is an ALS inhibitor herbicide that rapidly inhibits the growth of susceptible weeds. It effectively controls wild mustard and offers one-pass control of broadleaf weeds in canola, brown and oriental mustard. Muster Toss-n-Go herbicide is registered for use on sunflowers (from 2-leaf to 8-leaf stage), as well as minor use on brassica carinata.

Quick Facts

  • For use in canola, brown mustard, oriental mustard, sunflowers.
  • Controls wild mustard. 
  • Can be tank mixed with Assure II and Poast to strengthen control on key grass and broadleaf weeds


Labels And SDS

4 Labels Available

Product Overview

Muster Toss-n-Go herbicide is an ALS inhibitor herbicide that rapidly inhibits the growth of susceptible weeds. These include flixweed, green smartweed, hemp-nettle, redroot pigweed, stinkweed, and wild mustard. Muster should be applied early in the season when weeds are actively growing.


Full crop listing

  • Canola
  • Tame Mustard
  • Sunflower
  • Mustard
  • Brassica carinata


  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

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Chemical Group: Group 2

Registered and Supported Tank Mixes:

For grass and broadleaf control in canola only, tank-mix Assure II, Poast Ultra or Lontrel.


  • Canola: 2-leaf stage up to the initiation of bolting and before crop canopy closure.
  • Brown and oriental mustard, brassica carinata: 4-leaf to late rosette stage.
  • Sunflower: 2-leaf to 8-leaf stage.
  • Weeds: Apply early when weeds are actively growing"

Application information:

Crop Staging Rates
Canloa, including rapeseed 2 leaf to beginning of bolting 8 g/ac or 12 g/ac
Brown condiment mustard oriental mustard 4 leaf to late rosette stage 8 g/ac or 12 g/ac
Sunflower 2 - 8 leaf stage (14 - 45 cm in height) 8 g/ac or 12 g/ac

Surfactant: Must use a surfactant with Muster herbicide. Use Agral 90, or AgSurf, or Super Spreader. Caution: Application prior to the 2-leaf stage of canola or 4-leaf strage of brown condiment mustard and oriental mustard (condiment and oilseed types), or to sandy soil or low soil organic matter may increase the severity of injury.

Rainfastness: N/A

Tank mixtures: Fill spray tank one-half to two-thirds full with water. With agitator operating, add the recommended amount of ingredients using the WAMLEGS order.

Rotational intervals and crops:

Ten (10) months: Spring wheat, durum, barley, oats, flax.

Twenty-two (22) months: Alfalfa, canary grass, canola, dry beans, faba beans, fescue, lentils, peas, red clover, tame mustard.

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