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FMC Upside: Agronomic Updates

In search of the latest information in your area? Written from the field by the FMC technical services team, these agronomic articles provide quick updates and solutions on crop challenges near you.

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Adastrio™ Fungicide for Wheat

Combine harvesting wheat

At-Plant Corn Disease and Nematode Protection

corn roots

How Biologicals Fit in an Integrated Pest Management Program

Inspecting crops in a field

Grower Experience: Controlling Tar Spot With Adastrio™ Fungicide

Inspecting Tar Spot

Biologicals Are Complements to Conventional Crop Protection – Not Necessarily Alternatives

Row of crops

What Makes Biological Solutions from FMC Unique?

Corn and soybean fields split by dirt road

Why a Fall Herbicide Program Is Even More Important This Year

Spray rig tractor in field

What Makes Biologicals an Effective Addition to the Crop Management Toolbox?

Early stage soybean plant

Defining Biologicals in Crop Protection

Rows of crops in a field

Fall Burndown Options: Controlling Ryegrass Populations With Fall Herbicide Applications

Clean field

Tips on Tackling Italian Ryegrass with Jason Bond, Mississippi State University

Rice crop

Tips on Tackling Italian Ryegrass with Donnie Miller, LSU Ag Center


Foundational Weed Control in Wheat with Anthem® Flex Herbicide

green wheat field

Is the Way Soybean Farmers Manage Disease Shifting?

soybean field

Weather is a Wildcard, but Tar Spot isn’t

tar spot

Breaking Ground in Agriculture with R&D

Man and woman in a cornfield

Unlocking Nature's Potential: Biologicals

Two men in a field

Solutions for PPO-Resistant Kochia


Flexibility meets resistance management

The FMC Upside Insights

Conventional and Cultural Tools Failing Against Corn Rootworm. Where Do We Go from Here?

corn field