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Combine harvesting wheat

Adastrio™ Fungicide for Wheat

Latest Foliar Disease Protection Exclusive to FMC

Exclusive to FMC, this multiple MOAfungicide harnesses the power of three active ingredients to help protect your wheat crop from yield-robbing foliar diseases. This fungicide combines a novel molecule in the SDHI class, fluindapyr, with the most systemic and long-lasting triazole on the market, flutriafol, plus the strobilurin azoxystrobin for superior leaf, stem and stripe rust control. This innovative and exclusive combination of active ingredients provides effective, reliable control against tan spot, septoria leaf blotch, powdery mildew and leaf and stripe rust and more in wheat.

This multiple mode of action fungicide provides efficient, broad- spectrum control with the benefit of a low use rate. It also delivers long-lasting residual control with high translaminar movement. That means your plant is being helped with protection by the latest technology available for foliar disease control.

Product Information


Flutriafol (Group 3), fluindapyr (Group 7) and azoxystrobin (Group 11)


Suspension concentrate


Tar spot, septoria leaf blotch, powdery mildew, stagonospora leaf/glume blotch, net blotch and leaf, stem and stripe rust.




2 x 2.5 gallon
REI 12 hours
LOW USE RATE 5-9 fl. oz./A
APPROVED APPLICATIONS Ground, air and overhead chemigation

Forage: 7 days

Hay: 15 days

Grain/Straw: 30 days


Flag leaf at 5 fl. oz./A

Key Benefits of Adastrio Fungicide for Controlling Wheat Diseases

  • Low use rate: 5 fl. oz./A and long-lasting residual control of important diseases like tan spot, septoria leaf blotch and leaf and stripe rust.
  • Combination of three active ingredients, including fluindapyr, a novel molecule in the SDHI class. 
  • Reduces abiotic stress during wheat grain fill after application.

Adastrio™ Fungicide University Research Trials

A university research trial shows Adastrio™ fungicide applied at 5 fl. oz./A at flag leaf provides a visually dramatic reduction in stripe rust as compared to the untreated check (left). In addition, an Adastrio fungicide application at 5 fl. oz./A at flag leaf keeps the integrity of the flag leaf intact as compared to the untreated check (right).

Adastrio™ fungicide wheat trial - flag leaf application

University trials at Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University show an increase in percent stay green, percent protein and yield (bu/A) when Adastrio fungicide is applied at 5 fl. oz./A at flag leaf. Also, a dramatic decrease in percentage of stripe rust and powdery mildew results from the Adastrio fungicide application.

2023 Foliar Wheat Fungicide Trials graph

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