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FMC Upside: Webinars

Register live to experience a deep dive into timely topics and ask questions directly with FMC industry experts. Experts will provide insights, reveal new strategies for tackling your crop challenges and provide tools to make your upcoming season a success. Not able to join live? All webinars are available on demand.

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Webinar: The Alfalfa Pest Puzzle – Finding the Right Piece


Webinar: How to Strengthen Soybean Weed Management with the Overlapping Residuals Program

soybean field row

Webinar: Innovations in Late-Season Corn Disease Management: Adastrio™ Fungicide

corn rows with sun peaking through

Webinar: Taking Down Driver Weeds: Downy Brome and Italian Ryegrass

wheat field

Webinar: Cracking Down on Corn Rootworm Management Strategies

corn field

Winter Wheat Disease Management with the Topguard® Fungicide “5 on 5” Program


3 Days to Damage- Steps to Wrangle Alfalfa Weevil


Maximize Your At-Plant Benefits with FMC

corn field

Economics Are Shifting: Overlapping Residual Herbicides

soybean field

Tools to Help Protect Against Palmer Pigweed and More for the 2023 Season

corn seed emerging from the ground

California Ag: Webinar Series

Tree nuts, Grapes, and lettuce

What’s New: FMC Sunflower Portfolio

Sunflower close up

Mini Series: FMC SU herbicide portfolio: Affinity® Brand Herbicides with TotalSol® Soluble Granules

Close-up of wheat.

Evaluating a Realistic and Inclusive Weed Management Plan

soybean field

Factors Influencing Proper Pest Application and Efficacy Series: Alfalfa Weevil and CRW

Close-up of crops.

Drought and Weather Changes Impacting Pest Management Webinar

Drought and weather changes.

Mini Series: FMC SU Herbicide Portfolio: Harmony® Extra SG Herbicide With TotalSol® Soluble Granules

Close-up of crops.

Mini Series: FMC SU Herbicide Portfolio: Finesse® Cereal and Fallow Herbicide

Close-up of crops.

Strategies to Help Manage Grapevine Trunk Disease

Grapes on vine

What’s New in 2021 For Insect Control from FMC

Crop photos