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Fall Burndown Options: Controlling Ryegrass Populations With Fall Herbicide Applications

Why is Fall Herbicide Use Essential?

Italian ryegrass (Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum) has been confirmed to harbor resistance to ALS, clethodim, glyphosate and paraquat herbicides in the southern United States (Heap 2023). There is no good control option for this herbicide-resistant ryegrass if management is postponed until the spring. Fall residual herbicide applications are necessary to control herbicide-resistant ryegrass populations effectively in the Midsouth states.

120 days after November application

Photos taken in spring 2022, Humphrey County, MS

Field comparison images
Nontreated (left), tREATED (RIGHT: Anthem® Flex herbicide @ 4 fl. oz./A + paraquat @ 32 fl. oz./A)

FMC Fall Residual Herbicide Control


Rice and Soybean Option

Command® 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide @ 24 FL. OZ./A

flumioxazin 51WDG @ 2 oz./A, paraquat 3 lbs @ 32 oz./A, NIS @ 0.5% v/v

Rice and soybean Command 3me chart
Data for Command® 3ME herbicide was collected by Dr. Jason Bond, MSU professor, 120 days after the application.

Corn, Cotton and Soybeans Option

Anthem® Flex Herbicide @ 3.5 FL. OZ./A

flumioxazin 51WDG @ 2 oz./A, paraquat 3 lbs @ 32 oz./A, NIS @ 0.5% v/v

Corn, cotton and soybeans graph Anthem Flex graph
Data for Anthem® Flex herbicide was collected by Dr. Donnie Miller, LSU professor, 118 days after the application.

Best Management Practices for Fall Residual Herbicide Use

Application Timing Preference
1. Complete field work. Tillage to incorporate residue/pull beds. 
2. Allow rainfall to settle beds and melt clods.
3. Allow soil temps to cool off and winter weeds to germinate. 
4. Apply soil residual Command 3ME microencapsulated herbicide or Anthem Flex herbicide + paraquat, clethodim, metribuzin or flumioxazin timed to catch an activating rainfall while capitalizing on more frequent rain events to keep herbicide activated and under cooler soils, which will slow the herbicide dissipation clock and extend the soil residual.

Use Rates and Application

  Command 3ME Microencapsulated Herbicide Anthem Flex Herbicide
Use rate

Medium-Mixed Soils:

16-24 fl. oz./A

Fine-heavy soils:

21.3-28 fl. oz./A

3.5-4 fl. oz./A

Crop rotation

Immediate: Rice, Soybeans, Sweet Potatoes, Sugar Cane

9 months: Cotton, Corn, Sorghum

Immediate: Corn, Soybeans, Sunflowers

4 months: Cotton, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts

6-10 months: Sorghum

Tank-mix Partners  For rice rotation, add flumioxazin for cool-season broadleaf control and paraquat if ryegrass is emerged.  Add flumioxazin or metribuzin for additional control of cool-season broadleaves. Add paraquat if ryegrass is emerged.
Application method By ground or follow state 24c aerial labels.  By ground or air.

1The addition of metribuzin may increase the re-crop interval for rice, cotton etc. make sure to check all herbicide labels before using.


Paraquat is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. FMC, the FMC logo, Anthem and Command are trademarks of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2023 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. (041_2023)