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See what people is saying about FMC Products.


Overwatch® Herbicide a great fit for Yorke Peninsula barley

Chris Davey on Overwatch® Herbicide

Overwatch® Herbicide success in cereals for South Australian grower

Josh Kreig on Overwatch® Herbicide

Versatile herbicide controlling ryegrass at Tooan

John Heard on Overwatch® Herbicide

Scott walker, from Quairading, in the wheatbelt region of Western Australia

Scott Walker on Overwatch® Herbicide

John Chapman of Bruce Rock, WA has introduced Overwatch® herbicide to control ryegrass and other major weed species

John Chapman on Overwatch® Herbicide

Broadleaf control prior to the legume phase is fantastic with Overwatch® Herbicide

Dean Bruce on Overwatch® Herbicide

Multiple options to control ryegrass on Minimay property

Clint Robinson on Overwatch® Herbicide

Broad spectrum weed control makes Overwatch® Herbicide a great option

Chad Pilkington on Overwatch® Herbicide

Multiple crops targeted with Overwatch® Herbicide chemistry at Bordertown,SA

Darren Pilgrim from Bordertown, SA on Overwatch®

Dylan Hirsch, of Latham, in the mid-west of WA on Overwatch® Herbicide

Dylan Hirsch, of Latham, in the mid-west of WA on Overwatch® Herbicide

It doesn’t make sense to ‘fine’ yourself

Richard Langley on On Coarse DRA®

Pre-emergent control across weed types a plus for YP agronomist

Darryn Schilling

Excellent weed control with Overwatch® Herbicide at Jamestown

Overwatch® Testimonial

Excellent ryegrass and bifora control with Overwatch® Herbicide

Overwatch® Testimonial

Timely broadleaf weed control bonus with Overwatch® Herbicide

Overwatch® Testimonial

Alternative pre-em herbicide essential for Rankin Spring property

Nick Eckermann

Pre-emergent herbicides vital for weed control in southern NSW

Terry Edis

Evolution of weeds as farmers change practices

Maurie Street

Unique chemistry a vital option in central NSW

Jim Cronin

Strategies for weed control vital for crops

Steve Todd

Weed control more challenging with rise in resistance

Glenn Shepherd

Unique herbicide a game changer for southern NSW consultant

James Madden

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