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Biologicals by FMC

Biological solutions can be used to improve nutrient uptake, control insects and protect against diseases while improving yield benefits and increasing the resilience of crops for more sustainable farming practices. 


Our Story

At FMC, we live and breathe innovation. We are committed to discovering new ways of safeguarding crop yields while protecting biodiversity and natural resources.

Our dedication to sustainable agriculture drives our R&D organization to develop biological products with performance attributes that exceed the competition, including longer shelf life, performance at lower use rates and compatibility with other chemistries. Our robust portfolio and pipeline of differentiated biologicals combined with investments in biologicals and adjacent technologies enable the continued expansion of our award-winning portfolio.

Biologicals by FMC

Our aim is to be the responsible change-maker, leading the way with an integrated approach, where biologicals go hand-in-hand with synthetics.

Biologicals by FMC is the overarching brand for FMC's new generation of award-winning biologicals:

  • Products crafted to work in combination with synthetics for optimal performance and higher yields
  • Solutions produced to ensure sustainability for generations of growers
  • A product portfolio that works to enhance soil health and biodiversity on the farm

Biologicals bring new modes of action and aid in extending the usefulness of existing chemistry. As a pre-mix, tank mix or as a rotational product, biologicals can be a sustainable tool to address growers' evolving needs and tackle resistance while helping to prolong the life cycle of synthetics and protecting the environment.

Biologicals by FMC video 2 min.