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Tech Talk

FMC Tech Talk: An Introduction to Zironar™ biofungicide / bionematicide

Introducing Zironar™ biofungicide / bionematicide, a new biological product from FMC. This product provides early-season protection against critical fungal diseases and soil nematodes along with a biostimulant effect to help boost yields and enhance plant health. Learn from Matthew Pye, FMC biological subject matter expert, about its properties to protect corn, soybeans, cotton, sugarcane and sugar beets from yield-robbing soil pathogens like Rhizoctonia solani and Fusarium species, as well root knot, soybean cyst and lesion nematodes all season.

Always read and follow all label directions, precautions and restrictions for use. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Zironar biofungicide / bionematicide may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your local FMC retailer or representative for details and availability in your state. FMC, the FMC logo and Zironar are trademarks of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. ©2022 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 22-FMC-0215 02/22