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Results and Benefits of Xyway® Brand Fungicides

Bruce Steward Technical Service Manager

Webinar: Taking Down Driver Weeds: Downy Brome and Italian Ryegrass

wheat field

Conventional and Cultural Tools Failing Against Corn Rootworm. Where Do We Go from Here?

corn field

Webinar: Cracking Down on Corn Rootworm Management Strategies

corn field

Season Two Testimonials: Growers and Retailers for Xyway® Brand Fungicides

Close up of corn roots

E-Book: Residual Recharge

soybean field

2021-2022 Grower and Retailer End-of-Season Perspectives

Grower and Retailer In Corn Field

Winter Wheat Disease Management with the Topguard® Fungicide “5 on 5” Program


3 Days to Damage- Steps to Wrangle Alfalfa Weevil


An exclusive episode on Anthem® MAXX herbicide

two men shaking hands

Maximize Your At-Plant Benefits with FMC

corn field

An in-depth look at the 3RIVE 3D® application system

3RIVE planter with two men looking at it.

Economics Are Shifting: Overlapping Residual Herbicides

soybean field

Dive Into the Topguard® Fungicide “5 on 5” Program

Technical Service Manager Bruce Steward and Regional Market Manager Greg Justice

Tools to Help Protect Against Palmer Pigweed and More for the 2023 Season

corn seed emerging from the ground

Driving Forces Behind 2023 Input Decisions

Tractor disking a field.

Keys to Investigating and Diagnosing Crop Protection Disrupters

Man with notebook in a field.

FMC Launches New Three Mode of Action Foliar Fungicide Targeting Late-Season Diseases – Adastrio™ Fungicide

corn field

Xyway® LFR® Fungicide Performance in Indiana Research Trials

Nick Hustedde FMC Technical Service Manager

Late-Season Corn Disease Check with Xyway® LFR® Fungicide

Bill Verbeten FMC Technical Service Manager

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