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Pre-emergent control across weed types a plus for YP agronomist

The ability of Overwatch® Herbicide to control both broadleaf and grass weeds has made it an excellent option for Yorke Peninsula agronomist, Darryn Schilling. Mr Schilling, from YP Ag, in Kadina, said their clients grew wheat and lentils in rotation, with barley, oaten hay and canola also grown in the area. He said wheat and lentils are the biggest income drivers, but they have closed the rotation and this had made things challenging in terms of weed control. A wide range of broadleaf weeds including bifora, milk thistle and prickly lettuce, have become more prevalent with this shorter rotation. During the cereal phase, pre-emergent herbicides are used to combat both the grass and broadleaf weeds that are of concern. He said they first looked at Overwatch® Herbicide within their own trials in the years leading up to its commercial release in 2021. “The one that sticks in the mind was in 2020 we had it in a trial which was actually a bifora control measure trial. Where most of the other treatments were post emergent treatments, we threw Overwatch® Herbicide in to evaluate bifora control.” “There was exceptional control of bifora (with Overwatch®). We were seeing bifora plants germinating and bleaching late in the season, in August, in a very dry year, so the product hung around in the profile and was certainly active and persistent for a long period of time." “We really didn’t have anything controlling bifora in the pre em space, before Overwatch® came along.”