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Spray Application Workshops in Victoria Highlights


On March 19-21, participants learned from two renowned industry experts, Craig Day and David Johnson. They delved deep into the best practices for setting up spray equipment to effectively minimise spray drift, offering invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Special thanks to: Partners in Ag for delivering high-quality professional learning to the agricultural sector in Victoria through the workshops held this week. Special mention to Katherine Colbert for her outstanding facilitation skills throughout all the workshops. Craig Day from Spray Safe & Save for sharing valuable weather monitoring tips, lower-risk spraying tactics, nozzle insights, information on spray quality influence, and awareness of drift risk. A big shoutout to David Johnson, FMC Technical Specialist, for highlighting the significance of nozzle selection and its synergy with adjuvants in mitigating spray drift. Steve Fischer, Adam Bennet, Marco Montagna, and, Stuart McLaverty for introducing MEFi to the growers. By using MEFi, growers are ensured of efficient product transfer from drum to paddock, saving time and cost! ExceedAG and AgVantage Agronomy for their generous support, as the Hopetoun workshop would not have been possible without them.