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FMC Upside: Agronomic Updates

In search of the latest information in your area? Written from the field by the FMC technical services team, these agronomic articles provide quick updates and solutions on crop challenges near you.

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Realize Optimum Wheat Quality and Yields Through Consistent and Effective Disease Control

Winter Wheat Field

Quick, Consistent Cotton Defoliation and Weed Desiccation

Cotton Defoliation With Display Cotton Defoliant

The Cornerstone Herbicide Program in Irrigated Wheat in WA, OR, and MT

Irrigated Wheat Anthem Flex Herbicide

Start Clean, Stay Clean: Fall Herbicide Programs For Spring Corn or Soybeans

Start clean, stay clean fall herbicide programs

Realize optimum wheat quality and yields through consistent and effective weed control

FMC Upside Hatchtrack growing wheat

Take Control of Key Pests in Soybeans and Increase Yields

Hero Insecticide Soybeans

Target Tough Weeds For Quick Desiccation And Easy Wheat Harvest

Aim EC herbicide is an excellent harvest aid for wheat.

Target Tough Weeds For Quick Desiccation And Easy Dry Legume Harvest

Harvest aid for dry legumes.

Anthem® Flex Herbicide Is The Cornerstone Of Your Downy Brome Program in Winter Wheat

Controlling downy brome in winter wheat.

Flea Beetle Life Cycle And Control In Canola

Flea Beetle Control for Canola

Realize Optimum Sorghum Quality And Yields Through Consistent Insect Control

Consistent and broad spectrum insect control for grain sorghum.

Identifying Corn Rootworm Feeding

Corn field

Harvest Aids in Corn, Grain Sorghum, Soybeans and Rice

Aim EC herbicide is a harvest aid for corn, grain sorghum, soybeans and rice.

Maximizing Your Corn Yields

Rows of corn

2020 Great Plains Insect Scouting Report For Corn and Soybeans

Pest damage to corn

New Broad-Spectrum Insecticide For Soybean Podworms

Soybean plants

Use of Foliar PPOs in the Absence of Dicamba

Soybean field

Pea Leaf Weevil And Pea Weevil: Life Cycle and Control Using Mustang® Maxx And Hero® Insecticides

Pea Leaf Weevil