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FMC Upside: Agronomic Updates

In search of the latest information in your area? Written from the field by the FMC technical services team, these agronomic articles provide quick updates and solutions on crop challenges near you.

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Season Two Testimonials: Growers and Retailers for Xyway® Brand Fungicides

Close up of corn roots

E-Book: Residual Recharge

soybean field

2021-2022 Grower and Retailer End-of-Season Perspectives

Grower and Retailer In Corn Field

An exclusive episode on Anthem® MAXX herbicide

two men shaking hands

An in-depth look at the 3RIVE 3D® application system

3RIVE planter with two men looking at it.

Driving Forces Behind 2023 Input Decisions

Tractor disking a field.

Keys to Investigating and Diagnosing Crop Protection Disrupters

Man with notebook in a field.

Reducing Resistance Goes Beyond a One Season Strategy

Plowed Field

Grasshopper Control With Vantacor® Insect Control


Getting a Jumpstart on Italian Ryegrass in the Rice-Soybean Rotation

Field with Command® 3ME microencapsulated herbicide applied to it.

Steps to Stem the Italian Ryegrass Population Explosion

Wheat field

Making the Case for Biologicals

seed sprouting in the dirt.

IPM Isn’t One Size Fits All: How Selecting the Right Levers Pays

Rows of a vineyard.

Farm Safety Tips for Wheat Harvest

Wheat field

Emerging Pest Update: Western Bean Cutworm

tasseling corn

Troubleshooting Flocculation

Close-up of crops.

Tank Mixing Tips To Better Target Spring Wheat Weeds

Close-up of crops.

Making A Case for More Targeted Pest Management

Lettuce field

Anthem® Flex Herbicide For Burndown And Preemergent Applications For Corn, Soybeans And Sunflowers

Plowed dirt field

Expansion of Tar Spot Disease in Corn

Tar spot