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Beat costly diseases with proprietary active ingredients you’ll find nowhere else.

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Choose the fungicide that beats costly disease and the competition

Xyway® Brand Funcicides

Xyway® brand fungicides

Xyway® brand fungicides are unique At-Plant applications for season-long, systemic, foliar disease protection from the inside out, from root to tassel and stalk to leaf. 

Active Ingredient: Flutriafol

Late-season disease severity averaged across disease species
Trial type: Corn

Protect At-Plant

Adastrio™ Fungicide

Adastrio™ fungicide

Novel, next-generation Adastrio™ fungicide helps broaden your spectrum and strengthen your residual with a unique combination of three active ingredients. 

Active Ingredients: Fluindapyr, Flutriafol, Azoxystrobin  

R1 Applications from Southern Illinois University to yield BU/A
Trial TYpe: Corn

Next-Generation Foliar Fungicide

Lucento® Fungicide

Lucento® fungicide

Lucento® fungicide distributes dual modes of action uniformly throughout plants for disease protection that works overtime against your biggest threats. 

Active Ingredients: Bixafen, Flutriafol

Trial Type: Soybeans

Smart Disease Protection

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