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Peter & Eric Announcement

FMC ANZ's Dynamic Duo: Peter MacLeod and Eric Vandenbrink

Bringing Fresh Expertise to the Agriculture Industry

In a bid to reinforce its commitment to innovation and excellence, FMC Corporation is delighted to announce the addition of two esteemed professionals to its Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) team. Joining as the Head of Regulatory and Head of Marketing, respectively, Peter MacLeod and Eric Vandenbrink bring an impressive set of skills, knowledge, and experience to the table.

Meet Peter MacLeod: Head of Regulatory

Peter MacLeod's illustrious career spanning over three decades in agricultural product science has garnered him a reputation as a seasoned expert in regulatory science, government affairs, and crop protection. His wealth of knowledge, combined with an exemplary track record, is set to elevate FMC ANZ's regulatory strategies to new heights.

With an extensive background in developing groundbreaking technologies, Peter has proven his mettle in conducting field and laboratory research, paving the way for novel solutions in the agricultural sector. His remarkable accomplishments include leading the registration and product stewardship processes and contributing to the research, development, and registration of two reduced-risk pest control chemistries. Peter's contributions to the industry have not gone unnoticed; he was honored with the prestigious United States Presidential Green Chemistry Award, recognising his significant impact on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Notably, Peter served as a Director in the Registration Management branch at the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA), where his leadership was instrumental in guiding his team through a successful relocation transition while achieving noteworthy performance improvements. His insights and expertise promise to enhance FMC ANZ's compliance with regulatory standards, strengthen partnerships with governing bodies, and drive sustainable agricultural practices.

Meet Eric Vandenbrink: Head of Marketing

Complementing Peter's expertise, Eric Vandenbrink joins FMC ANZ as the Head of Marketing, bringing with him a wealth of experience and an impressive background within the FMC family. Having been part of FMC since 2017, Eric's journey started at the company's Philadelphia headquarters before taking him to Singapore in 2019, where he made significant contributions to the success of FMC Asia Pacific as the Regional Portfolio Manager.

During his tenure as the Regional Portfolio Manager, Eric played a pivotal role in managing the success of the Rynaxypyr® active, showcasing his ability to drive growth in branded business, new product introductions (NPIs), and fostering strong relationships with third-party partners. This invaluable experience will be vital in expanding FMC's presence in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

As Eric moves to Australia, he is eagerly looking forward to engaging with local customers and growers, fostering strong connections that will help FMC better understand the unique needs and challenges of the ANZ agricultural community. Eric's strategic marketing acumen combined with his deep understanding of the FMC portfolio will undoubtedly play a key role in propelling FMC ANZ to new heights and facilitating a greater impact in the region's agriculture industry.

FMC ANZ: A Bright Future Ahead

The addition of Peter MacLeod and Eric Vandenbrink to the FMC ANZ team is an exciting development for the company and the broader agriculture industry. Their impressive backgrounds and experience in regulatory science, product development, and marketing bring a fresh wave of expertise and innovation to the table. FMC's commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices is further solidified with Peter's accolades in Green Chemistry, while Eric's customer-centric approach promises to strengthen relationships and foster growth.

With this dynamic duo at the helm of FMC ANZ's regulatory and marketing endeavors, the company is poised to make even greater strides in providing cutting-edge agricultural solutions. The future looks brighter than ever for FMC ANZ as they continue to drive advancements that benefit farmers, consumers, and the environment alike.