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Exirel® Insecticide in Canola
Insecticides & Miticides

FMC ANZ expands Exirel® Insecticide into Canola

Sydney, July 10, 2023 – FMC Corporation, a leading global agricultural sciences company, announced today that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has granted approval for the use of Exirel® insecticide in canola crops, marking a significant breakthrough in pest management for canola growers.

Powered by a new mode of action tailored for canola crops, Exirel® insecticide is effective against both chewing and sucking pests. Exirel® insecticide has demonstrated effectiveness against several significant canola pests, including the diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella), native budworm (Helicoverpa punctigera), grey cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) and turnip aphid (Lipaphis erysimi). It works on the muscle function of the pest, so the insect stops feeding very quickly, providing almost immediate protection to the plant.

"Exirel® is an ideal insecticide with a mode of action that has not been used in canola before, " FMC Australia’s insecticide product manager Leandro Posteraro said, "This versatile product targets multiple species even in hard-to-access areas and provides great residual activity. It is the optimal solution for growers looking to maximise their yields and profitability in canola."

Exirel® insecticide is already well established in the Australian agricultural industry, having been successfully applied on cotton, citrus, and forage brassicas. Its exceptional efficacy is due to both translaminar and locally systemic activities, enabling the product to penetrate the leaf and effectively target pests residing in inaccessible areas, including the underside of the leaf.

The registration of Exirel® insecticide in canola is especially timely, given the development of insect resistance observed in diamondback moths. Many older chemistries have been ineffective against this pest, underscoring the importance of Exirel® insecticide’s alternative mode of action, which allows growers to rotate chemistries for effective resistance management.

Furthermore, the broad-spectrum nature of Exirel® insecticide means that secondary insects can be simultaneously controlled, in addition to the target pest. The product has moderate impact on vital beneficial insects, allowing them to thrive within the crop and continue their invaluable work.

“We recommend early application of Exirel® insecticide to minimise crop damage from feeding insects.  Growers can expect excellent length of control in the weeks following application and rely on the support of

beneficial insects," Posteraro added.

Apart from its superior efficacy and resistance management capabilities, Exirel® insecticide has an excellent health and safety profile. The product demonstrates low impact on mammals and birds. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements are limited to gloves and cotton overalls and Exirel® insecticide's good margin of safety makes it an excellent choice for applicators as workers can enter the field once the spray has dried.

Exirel® insecticide is available this season to support canola growers in maximizing yield and protecting their bottom line. To learn more about Exirel® insecticide, please visit our website.