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FMC Webinar Series

The Weed Seed Shift in Soybeans: Resistance Issues and Fundamentals

A solid understanding of the weed seedbank is essential for successful weed management in your soybean fields. Leveraging effective, residual preemergent and postemergent herbicides will help keep fields clean all season long and help reduce your weed seedbank for future seasons.

Learn new ways to enhance your weed management program throughout this discussion from FMC Technical Service Manager Nick Hustedde and Senior Technical Sales Manager Brent Neuberger. They’ll discuss fundamentals of the weed seedbank, as well as important factors to consider when choosing soybean trait strategies and making holistic management plans.


  • Dive into an in-depth discussion on managing your weed seedbank.
  • Learn strategies and specific tank-mix partners to utilize within common soybean trait systems.
  • Understand the data-based effectiveness of holistic management strategies such as cover crops, tillage and row spacing.


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