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FMC Webinar Series
Insecticides & Miticides

Tools and Strategies for Insecticide Resistance Management

Why does insecticide resistance occur? Why are some insects more prone to it? How do you manage different types of pests?

If you’re looking for answers to these questions, join FMC Technical Sales Managers Bruce Steward and Philip Northover who will unpack them in a live 1-hour webinar. You’ll learn about resistance management tools to help protect your crops and yields, effective strategies to break the resistance cycle and an inside look at how the FMC insecticide portfolio provides effective control no matter what crop, pest or region.


  • What is IRM? 
  • IRM principles and why it is needed. 
  • What causes insecticide resistance and best practices for reducing it. 
  • IRM case studies and successes. 

Duration: 1 hour