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FMC Webinar Series

FMC Pecan Portfolio: An In-Depth Look At Our Solutions

Looking for tips on how to achieve fast and long-lasting weed, disease and insect control to preserve pecan yields and quality? Join us for a live webinar featuring FMC Regional Technical Service Manager Bruce Stripling and Technical Service Manager Sam Rustom. They’ll discuss the key challenges growers are facing as they head into the 2021 season and provide agronomic insights and methods pecan growers can use to protect their pecan crops. 


  • A look at the key weed, disease and insect pressures affecting pecan acres. 
  • A deep dive into field trial results and multifaceted approaches to maximizing pecan yields and quality.
  • New FMC product offerings for pecan growers in 2021.

Duration: 1 hour


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