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The FMC Upside Webinars

California Ag: Webinar Series

Join university experts and FMC technical service managers for four webinars focused on managing the diseases and pests impacting California crops.

California Tree Nut Fungicides

Themis Michailides, plant pathologist at UC-Davis, presents on wood diseases in walnuts and almonds. Michailides covered the fungicides available to combat these diseases with an emphasis on stewardship and integrated resistance management (IRM) programs.

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California Tree Nut Insecticides

Houston Wilson, assistant cooperative extension specialist at UC-Riverside, discusses leaffooted bug (LFB) pheromone ecology and management of navel orangeworm. Viewers will gain an understanding of application timing for key insecticides within an IRM program.

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California Grape Fungicides

Akif Eskalen, professor of cooperative extension at UC-Davis, presents on key diseases in California grapes and Kate Walker, FMC technical service manager, will share information on the benefits and uses of Rhyme® fungicide.

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California Vegetable Insecticides

John C. Palmbo, entomologist at the University of Arizona, will cover pest management programs for impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) in lettuce and diamondback moth in brassica crops.

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